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Opinion Piece By Branden Bieber – November 30, 2023

With the continued adoption of Communist policies, Governor Newsome threatens America’s
Superiority with unsustainable inflation, and Government provided services. Our infrastructure of
utilities, roads, damns, bridges, and high-speed rail are being neglected to adopt climate change
regulation that lacks simple foundations. Foreign investors and conglomerate property managers are
pricing working families out of California homes, and residents have diminishing expendable income.
Insurance companies continue profiting, and pharmaceutical are being subsidized by Government
programs. California is providing the Nation a “model” where only super-rich can survive while everyone
else will be no/low-income housing encampments.

Locally, Del Norte County Supervisor Chris Howard votes lock and step with the States disastrous
Government expansion. Mr. Howard has proven his inability to provide any economic opportunities for
Del Norte County, other than for himself. This “wolf” in sheep’s wool is the biggest deterrent of
economic improvement in the County. As the Chairman of the Environmental and Natural Resource
Committee for the California State Association of Counties, he is exactly why we have no timber
industry, mismanaged forests, fishing closures, long deferred road repairs to 199 and last chance grade,
and no jobs opportunities other than Government.

When, and what will it take to stop normalizing crime? When will politicians stop increasing our debt
and maintain fiscal responsibility? And, what will stop the pendulum swinging towards communism?

One thought on “CHINAFORNIA”
  1. Thank you Branden, I hope people take the time to read your letter, like Ronald Reagan said our biggest fear is when a man knocks at our door there stands a man with dark glasses, he says, “Hi I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” God help us.

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