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By Kevin Kiley – October 23, 2023

In a huge propaganda win for the Communist Party, Gavin Newsom is galivanting through China on a 6-city trip to discuss “climate.” He is refusing to bring up human rights abuses or the CCP’s role supplying Mexican cartels with fentanyl ingredients.

I sent Newsom a letter calling on him to cancel the trip. 50 human rights organizations then sent their own letter condemning him. Many Californians have family who are political prisoners of the regime; rather than help them, Newsom is hobnobbing with their captors.

Newsom also lost a court case last week on the 2nd Amendment. He proceeded to personally attack the judge by name, calling him an “extremist” and “right-wing puppet.” I’ve called on elected officials on both sides to condemn Newsom’s irresponsible rhetoric.

This all comes as the Census Bureau’s new survey shows a staggering 817,000 people left California last year. I will add this factoid to the 10 questions I have suggested for Newsom’s upcoming debate on Fox News, which I’ll be fact-checking live on Twitter/X.

In another staggering statistic, last month set an all-time record for illegal crossings at the Southern Border. It was just three months ago that Secretary Mayorkas asked for a pat on the back in response to my questioning, claiming Biden’s border policies were “working.”

Meanwhile, the Speaker drama continues. Congressman Jordan’s candidacy came to the House Floor three times last week, and I voted yes each time. But he fell a few votes short and has withdrawn from the race. There are now nine candidates vying for the job.

In some good news, just a week after our Judiciary Committee hearing on out-of-control crime in D.C., the Mayor is proposing legislation to reverse many of the same reckless policies that California has. This could create nationwide momentum to restore law and order.

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

2 thoughts on “China’s Favorite Governor”
  1. Why do we have to pay for Newsom’s trip to China?, instead of talking climate how about human rights, spying on the USA, how about Taiwan, or will he lick their boots?

    1. We paid for Newsom’s trip to China in the spirit of true Collective Communism. No doubt, after delivering his obligatory telecast speeches, there was a behind-the-scenes job interview for President of the United States. If Newsom gets the support of the Chinese Communist Party, they can rally their army of voting-machine hackers to rig the next election in his favor. Pay-the-dough-to-Joe is quickly being exposed, though the mainstream media have largely ignored or covered the news up. The CCP will need to delegate a new puppet to run the United States government.

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