Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Chocolate as an alternative to fluoride?!
Chocolate better than fluoride
That’s some sweet news!
Breaking human clinical trial reveals that an extract from chocolate is actually more effective than fluoride for treating dental hypersensitivity.
Over 40 million Americans suffer from tooth pain and sensitivity caused by thinning enamel, gingivitis, or periodontal disease. A new human clinical trial conducted at the University of Texas (UT) Health Science Center in San Antonio examines the effects of a chocolate extract against fluoride-based toothpastes on tooth hypersensitivity.
The clinical trial found that a naturally occurring cacao extract, Rennou™, actually works better than fluoride to restore and repair enamel and occludes dentinal tubules, ultimately eliminating dental hypersensitivity in just seven days.
The independent, double-blind, clinical trial of 80 patients compares the enamel strengthening potential of Theodent™ toothpaste, containing Rennou™, to fluoride-based toothpastes by examining each products’ ability to repair and re-mineralize exposed dentin, which is the leading cause of tooth hypersensitivity.
The study found that patients who brushed with cocoa-containing Theodent™ twice daily for seven days experienced “100 percent dental occlusion”, meaning the dentinal tubules of their tooth dentin were re-mineralized or repaired.
The study was performed by noted clinical researcher Dr. Bennett Amaechi, director of Cariology at the UT Health Science center in San Antonio, and funded by a research grant from Theodent.  To receive a full copy of the clinical trial or for questions regarding the study please contact

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