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By Linda Sutter – August 25, 2022

There are no camera’s, no recording devices and microphones were shut off. But there was plenty of yelling and screaming directed at me;

“You’re a liar!” screamed Chris Howard. By his side was Darren Short also representing the County who despite sending a Cease & Desist letter previously not to interrupt, felt compelled to interrupt me during my speech.

Where did this take place? At the Tri Agency Joint Powers of Authority meeting held in the Board chambers Thursday afternoon at 3 pm. Also in attendance were Wes White and Brian Stone representing the Harbor; Blake Inscore representing the City, (Jason Greenough was absent), and County Counsel Joel Campbell Blair who didn’t open his mouth to intervene in this civil rights violation.

Why did Chris Howard repeatedly scream at me about lying?

I was making a public comment. I was supposed to be speaking. He was supposed to be quiet, but here’s how it went down.

I told them The Tri Agency was defunct. DEFUNCT means, “No longer existing or functioning.”

“You’re a liar!” “You’re spreading misinformation to the community about being defunct. It is not defunct.” per Chris Howard yelling at the top of his lungs.

What does it mean that it is defunct? In the eyes of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), I possess numerous documents that state it is defunct. I tried screaming over Chris Howard that I had all the documents in my vehicle.

He said go get them. I said I already presented them at Tuesday’s, August 23 meeting of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors.

Now they want to have a multi-jurisdictional meeting to have 15 people agree to pay a debt by the taxpayers instead of the irresponsible business people who created the debt.

Exactly what does this mean? They want to take the organized three agencies:

  1. Board of Supervisors
  2. Crescent City, City Council and
  3. Harbor Commissioners; and get everybody in one setting to agree to pay $288,000 owed by the JPA and get them to agree to have the taxpayers pay the bill AND CONTINUE the Tri Agency. That means having the five sitting Supervisors, five sitting City Council members and five sitting Harbor Commissioners all in attendance to achieve their goals.

Now County Counsel said there’s maybe one other option. The JPA may be able to file bankruptcy. Chapter 9 bankruptcy. He says he has to conduct some research to see if this option is available.

During the meeting Kevin Hendrick stood up and said, “Everyone knows I’m a Democrat and I’m a Socialist and I think everyone should pay for this debt.”

Thank you Mr. Hendrick for volunteering our money while 99% of us didn’t sign up to cough up this kind of dough. No one in Del Norte County benefitted from this expense.

As long as the bill is still owed, then the Tri Agency still exists, and that’s probably why Chris Howard doesn’t think the agency is defunct. Meanwhile how much are they spending each month on attorney’s fees?

Where are the agenda’s?

From April 2018 to July 2022 there were 13 agenda’s. Five years. 13 agendas. I didn’t get one today. They meet once a month. This is a clear Brown Act violation. They have to provide the public with an agenda, but apparently feel they are above the law.

Where are the minutes?

Forget the minutes. They are just as generic as the School District. They get away with it because nobody holds them accountable.

Where is the righteous indignation to make these fools come to terms with reality?

5 thoughts on “Chris Howard’s Off Camera Abuse”
  1. Just to be clear, Joel Campbell Blair was the attorney for county counsel. He did not place the Tri-Agency board members in check does not mean he is one in the same as Chris Howard, it just means Elizabeth Cable had bigger ovaries than Joel Campbell has testicles, because Elizabeth Cable was not afraid to place The Elected in their place.

  2. We want and HAVE term limits. I don’t know how this guy, Howard, got re-elected. I get the impression he thinks he’s really important.

  3. Let’s see, I was the only woman among 7 neanderthal men who thought that Chris Howards actions were cool. Are you kidding me? I will be speaking to a civil rights attorney regarding this excessive abuse of some of these board members. Joel Campbell the County Counselor is just as bad. I suppose those kinds of guys go home and abuse their wives as well. Sacramento here I come.

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