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Originally written by Roger Gitlin in 2011. – Published in February 3, 2017 –

Little Buddy met his maker August 19, 2011 when he was run down in a Santa Rosa, California  crosswalk, on his way to soccer practice with his Mom, older sister Mimi, and twin sister Julia.  No words of compassion can mollify the grief that envelopes his family: father James, mother Michelle and his two sisters. Survivors include grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends too numerous to mention. No words can console!

He was mowed down (allegedly) by Marcos Lopez Garcia, 22. Garcia works as a $10 per hour employee of Tony’s Pizza of Santa Rosa.  The coward Garcia fled in his Honda and observed a mile or so later attempting to remove an identifying decal from his a car.  He has been arrested and to date has yet to enter a plea. He was twice convicted for driving without a valid license.

Garcia is also an illegal alien.

Can you comprehend the number 91,250?

Since 9/11, 91,250 is the estimated number of innocent people who have been murdered or down by unlicensed illegal alien drunk drivers. These figures are extrapolated from the Government Accounting Office of March, 2011. The Document is noted as GAO-11-187.

In 2006, Rep Steve King ( R-Iowa), using figures from the GAO reported that each day, every day at least 12 innocent people fall victim to murder at the hands of an illegal alien criminal. Each day, every day, at least 13 people die at the hands of unlicensed, uninsured illegal aliens who flaunt our laws as though they mean nothing. Most of those drivers drive drunk. If you extrapolate the 25 people per day who are victimized and multiply that number by a 365 day year, one can see that a city approximately the size of Vacaville, California has disappeared since 9/11, a period of ten years.

In comparison, American casualties from Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan total about 1,678. The War in Iraq has claimed the lives of about 5,029 American heroes.

The total American lives lost are about 6,700 dead.

Again, in comparison. Total American casualties in the Vietnam War from 1955-1975 were 58,212. Deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens are approaching double that amount in ½ the time period.

91,250! This staggering number approximating the residential population of San Leandro, or Roanoke, Virginia has been eliminated by a Federal policy that allows our southern border to remain unsecured. A steady flow of human and drug traffic enters the United States, daily. Millions of illegal aliens, un-educated, poverty-stricken people have swarmed into the United States from Mexico, Central and South America. Most seek a better life. Some enter to wreak havoc. All are law breakers!

The death march continues unabated.

Out Government, frozen in political correctness, refuses to secure our border allowing millions to invade, utilize precious social services and welfare, flood emergency rooms in our hospitals, have their babies, enroll them in our schools, and depress American wages by working for pennies on the dollar.  And there is nothing one can do. No amount of complaining or display of righteous indignation will sway the ideologues that defend this madness.  Never mind, there are laws on our books that are supposed to protect us from this invasion. Never mind that. A blind eye and deaf ear is turned away from the American citizen.

Buddy Rowe is just another victim of this unlawful policy.

Every State has been impacted by this death march.  From Santa Clarita, California where Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Dave March was murdered in cold blood by an illegal alien drug runner, April 29, 2002 to Buddy Rowe, there is nary a community that has not suffered a tragedy that could and should have never happened, all because our Government fails to protect our borders

I urge you to log on the Illegal Alien Memorial website  and view a partial list of victims who have lost their lives as a result of an illegal alien. It is sobering to view this death march of innocents, all ages, all genders, all races, and all cultures that are dead today at the hands of an illegal alien.

When will this country awaken and demand our Government secure our border, prevent human and drug traffic from entering our country, destroying lives and causing absolute economic chaos to our economy.

When will that happen?

When the public finally gets off the couch and raises its silent voice and demands change.

President Obama: What speech can you deliver what words of wisdom can you say to assuage the grief of the Rowe family?  Nothing!

Janet Napolitano, Homeland Secretary, who crows are borders are secure. What can you say to comfort the Rowe family? Nothing!

President Obama should be impeached for dereliction of his presidential duties: violation of Article 4 Section 4 of our Constitution. He fails to protect our borders.

I guess the United States with a population of 309 million and the State of California with a population of about 38 million can lose a city the size of Vacaville without attracting too much attention.

Roger Gitlin is a teacher and a national and Del Norte County Tea Party member. He also founded the Santa Clarita Valley Independent Minutemen.

Roger Gitlin wrote this letter as a private citizen and has since been elected and re-elected Supervisor District 1 Del Norte County, Crescent City, California 95531. He can be reached at



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