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Community must work together to reach 16% reduction mandated by State

July 22, 2015: At a City Council meeting on Monday night, City Utilities Manager Tom Romesberg gave a presentation describing the current status of Crescent City’s water supply and drought measures enacted by the State.

An April 1, 2015 Executive Order from the Governor mandated a statewide water reduction of 25%. This translated into a requirement to reduce use in each community based on previous per capita usage. In Crescent City, the requirement is a 16% reduction which will be measured from June of 2015 through February of 2016. June’s figures came in shy of the requirement,with a community-wide reduction of only 13%.

In response to the shortfall the City is launching a water conservation outreach campaign designed to educate residents and businesses about current mandated restrictions, as well as simple actions that can be taken to reduce water use. Additionally the City will continue to be vigilant about leak detection and notification, and has now followed suit with the rest of California by turning off the water for park irrigation – a practice they are encouraging everyoneto do.

The mandates have not changed significantly since measures were first taken in August of last year – most are what Public Works Director Eric Wier describes as “best practices” that are wise to follow at all times. The only new restriction is that no one shall irrigate outdoors during or within 48 hours following a measurable rainfall. (For a complete list of restrictions please visit or ask for one in the City’s utility billing department.)

With the Smith River at unprecedented lows and with the threat of the award of State grants being denied due to noncompliance of reduction measures, it benefits everyone to be especially vigilant. “The City is currently looking to receive over $1.2 million in these grants for upgrades and maintenance to our water system which is a huge advantage to our ratepayers” noted City Manager Gene Palazzo.

Kymmie Scott

Public Information Officer

City of Crescent City

p. 707.464.7483 ext.223

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