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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – August 13, 2021

Thursday evening, the Crescent City Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit submitted by Art’s Armenian BBQ recommending approval for Crescent Ocean Growth to harvest marijuana (cannabis) indoor at the recently purchased Turf Club, 900 Front St, in Crescent City. To permit this agricultural exemption defies anyone’s definition of logic.. Candidly, I believe it is an ill-thought idea which will bring devastating consequences to Crescent City.

Art’s Armenian BBQ has no intention to open a satellite restaurant. Art intends to grow pot right in the heart of Downtown Crescent City.


Nonetheless, the Commission’s vote was unanimous by this rubber stamp board. Commissioner Brad Kime was asked to recuse himself because he conducts a business within 300 ft of the proposed C.U.P, but NOT before blurted out his support for approval of this CUP. Commissioner Kime ought to know better but nevertheless, the expressing of his inappropriate opinion violated ethics protocol and he should have been admonished; that did not happen. The other three commissioners fell right in line and approved this Conditional Use Permit.

Opposition arguments are clear:

* Quite obviously, this area is in the heart of downtown, in a commercial/ residential area situated on arguably one of the most iconic streets in Crescent City: Front St. The new Marijuana grow situates directly across from KidTown and Beach Front Park.

* the odor would be prevalent and use of highly toxic chemicals alone should have awakened this moribund Commission to deny the Permit.

* The proposed aggressive signage noted in the picture sends an ominous message to not approach the building unless prior authorization is arranged.

* No Parking off- street for at least six vehicles whose occupants plan to work at this questionable site.

The owners of this Marijuana grow plant to concrete cover all windows. If the City moves forward and adopts the Planning Commission recommendation, all the above will happen.

It is difficult for me to fathom the depth of misunderstanding, other than the boldface desire for additional City revenue, how by any stretch of the imagination and why the Planning Commission would approve this debacle. Mind boggling!

I am and remain stunned City Manager Eric Wier has gone to considerable length in seeking public feedback at the Chamber of Commerce building asking for your input on the City vision of the future of Beachfront Park and then support a C.U.P. for an agricultural exemption to grow pot in Crescent City.

To the best of my knowledge, I did not see any suggestions on the numerous poster boards at the CC to place a marijuana indoor grow facility across the street from the Park and visible to all our visitors heading over to the Lighthouse.

I am seeking confirmation on whether this highly suspect C.U.P will appear on the up-coming Monday, August 16 City Council Agenda or the first Monday meeting in Sept.

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