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Fredericksburg, Texas – February 14, 2019
After a successful gathering of hundreds of signatures, members of the Clean Water Fred coalition delivered a citizen’s petition to Fredericksburg City Hall on Friday, February 8.  The petition calls for an amendment to the City Charter to be placed on the Spring 2019 Ballot banning the use of industrial grade fluoride chemicals to the community water supply in Fredericksburg.
The group Clean Water Fred wants the public to be fully aware that the fluoride used for city water fluoridation is not the same as dental fluoride used for brushing teeth (which, as the warning on toothpaste states, is not to be ingested).  It is an industrial toxic waste by product  from the phosphate fertilizer factories and contains arsenic and lead of which there is no safe level, and poses many health risks as well as ethical and environmental concerns. 
The City is currently in the process of validating the petition, with confirmation pending in the coming weeks.
    97 % of Western Europe and most industrialized countries throughout the world have rejected fluoridation. Since 2010, over 245 communities in North America have stopped fluoridating their water, including Texas towns of College Station, San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and more. Clean Water Fred hopes to see the City of Fredericksburg join the growing wave of Texas towns including College Station, San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and more, who have recently stopped fluoridating their community water supplies.
Clean Water Fred is a local roots based coalition, comprised of parents, health practitioners, and environmentally aware citizens dedicated to the removal of the additive industrial grade fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid) from the city of Fredericksburg’s water supply.  They invite and encourage the public to become part of the discussion.  More information is available at www.cleanwaterfred.com  and www.facebook.com/ gethefluorideout.

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