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Commentary by Samuel Strait – July 24, 2022

I have recently returned from a short visit to that wonderful paradise
of Portland, Oregon, with a brief side trip to Seattle, Washington.  I
can truthfully report that both have become the ugly remnants of what
were once both beautiful cities due to the Liberal/Progressive
leadership in their respective urban enclaves.  Yet, that is not what
has been called to my attention, but another of the Progressive
religions that happened to catch my eye while in the area.  The notion
that rising sea level will shortly inundate many islands, and coastal
cities, perhaps even Seattle itself.  The Climate porn was in full
throat in both Portland and Seattle, where gasoline prices were above
$5.00 per gallon.

It would appear that some sensible citizen of I know not where, had
posted a current picture side by side of the Harbor in Sydney,
Australia, with one of the same scene 140 years ago.  There was no
noticeable difference of the height of ocean water in either portrait. 
Naturally the “Climate Change” pastors of the Church of Climate Change
were enraged that some “cheap Trick” should expose one of the main
talking points of the religion and rallied to its defense.  Understand,
that the claim of rising ocean waters has since been relegated to a few
millimeters, something that would hardly be noticed in either
photograph, yet the defense was extreme as well as foolish.

Eminent pastors, err, climate scientists quickly moved to defend their
sacred cow, explaining that satellite laser measurements had claims of
nearly 5mm each year of rising sea level over the past ten years, about
2 inches to us low level amateurs.  This apparently, was without
mentioning the fact that it is near impossible to determine the exact
height of any satellite in space let alone within a few millimeters.  Of
course the issue of ocean water being not exactly a flat surface to take
measurements of seemed to elude the experts as well.  Religion is
clearly a better explanation for “Climate Change” after all.  Likely no
one was brave enough in either progressive city to point out the
deficiencies in the defense of rising sea level, yet if after forty or
more years of the “Church” screaming we are all, at least those living
on islands or in coastal cities, going to drown due to rising sea
levels, a more demonstrable example example might be in order.

For more than forty years now we have been sermonized over the impending
apocalypse of doom from man made “warming” and we are still waiting for
some visible sign that our end is near.  The current administration in
Washington has gone all in on the religion being “true”, with not any
mention of a viable alternative to energy production that has not failed
just in the past year to provide sufficient replacement to the demand
for electricity ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!  Going green is all well and
good if it were possible, even in the near future.  Unfortunately it has
not lived up to the hype, nor has the imminent demise of the planet due
to the human use of fossil fuels.  Perhaps science may have the answers
we seek and the religion of Climate Change should be relegated to the
dust bin rather than become national policy.

Unfortunately there is no one at home, at least in the White House, as a
“Climate” emergency is due to be announced.  Clearly the “Ice Cream
Cone” President has not noticed that his beach side residence in
Delaware has not succumbed to the ocean’s rising waters, nor has the
clueless wonder tumbled to the fact that the current claims of extreme
weather only exist back to what has actually been recorded, less than
fifty years.   A mere troublesome detail that no one in the Climate
Change industry bothers to explain.  And there you have it folks, yet
another troubling aspect to the notion that our doom from a half degree
of rising temperature in forty years will result in the end of the world
all brought to you by those pesky inhabitants of the planet, humans.

2 thoughts on “Climate Change Has Run Aground Again”
  1. Well said. Climate change is real, however the motives of the gov are to find new ways to control and tax us. Some day Atlas won’t shrug.. he’ll just leave…

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