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Opinion by Samuel Strait – September 19, 2023

We all have experienced the finger waving of the “Climate Change” mob
that claims with a religious fervor that we are all doomed some time in
the near future.  In spite of numerous claims of “deadlines” that have
passed and the fact that “1600 scientist” all agree that if we don’t
change our ways, ban fossil fuels, and sign on to 100% green energy
immediately we’ll have “blood on our hands” and our children will die
horribly in a few short years. Naturally when the deadlines pass and
nothing remotely close the catastrophe occurs it is merely a quick
shifting of the goal posts to another future “end of times date”.

Recently, the Climate Crisis nut jobs are holding a week long gathering
to voice to the world we are once again teetering on the brink again in
New York City.  Reminiscent of a Greta Thunberg melt down, the
participants rallied en mass to rain crocodile tears on the fact that
President “Ice Cream Cone” Biden has not done enough to halt our certain
path to doom and gloom.  Voicing concern that Biden’s policies since
being in office have not driven the American Public back into the horse
and buggy era, the crowd ranted on about “life saving” green policies
not being pushed more vigorously, and Biden clearly unworthy of
continuing in office unless he caved to their demands.

While the inevitable collapse of the green is good and the climate is
changing catastrophically, will ultimately reach its waterloo moment
after years of “its just around the corner that never seems to come”, a
recently published assessment of Catastrophic Climate Change by a couple
thousand scientists, some of the Nobel Laureate kind, are saying wait a
minute now, not so fast.  Seems word of our immanent demise from
Catastrophic Climate Change has been put on hold.  The assessment
concludes that the current climate variation is a relatively  normal
state of affairs for planet Earth, “nothing to see here folks”.   In
fact those 2,000 scientist have listed a number of positive effects
brought on by the slight warming and increased CO2 in the atmosphere.
Not what the religious fanatics want to hear.  Hence;  a significant
effort by media, academia, and progressive politicians to censor such
heresy.  Kind of like when the religious of the world wouldn’t allow
folks to bump the Earth as the center of the universe for the Sun. 
Consensus had it that the Sun couldn’t possibly be the center of our
system.  Thousands of eminent religious scholars said so.

I suppose it now becomes just a waiting game until the Climate Change
fanatics crash and burn.  Keep in mind that time is not on their side. 
The public will eventually tire of the constant promise of doom and
gloom that never seems to appear.  When the pain of fruitless
accommodation for the greening of the planet gets old and becomes
painful with declining standards of living mostly for those that can ill
afford the pressure to be green, Climate Change will go the way of most
failed progressive efforts to control the public.

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