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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – April 11, 2022

Looks as though the adore has worn off of “climate change” recently, as
even Governor “Hair Gel” Newsom has not mentioned it as one of his
automatic responses to every problem he encounters that can remotely be
associated with weather or anything else for that matter.  Strange, as
fossil based fuels have exploded upward in cost over the past several
months that the opportunities for envoronazi’s to trumpet electric
vehicles as a solution to the rising costs.  Well, it seems that there
is a slight problem that has been revealed in several Western
Democracies that have gone the route of “green” energy.  Germany, one of
the “showcase” places in Europe have found that solar and wind power
come with serious liabilities.

The Germans had at one time reached 20% of their power needs through
solar and wind, but recent experience with loss of major supplies of
natural gas from Russia have shown that dependence on “green energy” is
a risky business.  The fact that the sun doesn’t always shine, nor the
wind blow has exposed German businesses to serious economic
devastation.  This lapse in available supplies of fossil fuels has sent
the German Government scurrying back to alternative supplies.  Climate
Change policies are in full retreat as the realization that first class
economies cannot survive on a “greening” economy without a massive
infusion of fossil fuel power.

Aside from being unreliable, “green energy” has yet to become
affordable, nor is it capable of long term storage both technologically
and economically.  In the mean time humans will have to adapt to
changing climate as they have for thousands of years.  Credible climate
science has long bemoaned the hysteria surrounding the climate hypocrisy
that”We will all roast on an ever warming earth before the century is
out”.  The claim that the earth will experience all sorts of ill defined
catastrophe’s if the current populations don’t heed the warnings.  It
has been twenty seven years since the first alarm and we somehow have
survived seventeen years beyond the first deadline set by climate change
scam artists.  No telling how much further the planet earth will “limp”
along after the next deadline comes and goes.  Until then it is looking
like fossil fuel use will be with us for awhile, at least that’s what
the Germans have found to be the case.

Here in the United States, we seem to have given over to a muted concern
for the “Climate” as other issues, some caused by green energy policies
at the federal level and especially so in the State of California. 
Fortunately for us, we do not have to depend on solar and wind power, as
we are able to secure most of our needs from other more sensible
states.  Granted electricity continues to grow in cost as oil prices
increase, but at least it is a dependable source and doesn’t suffer from
lack of sunlight or wind.

What would truly be a blessing is if those that trumpet the alarmism of
“Climate Change” and the “end of days”, would also recognize that
without oil as both a supplier of reliable energy, and responsible for a
majority of the products that all families purchase.  Without it, the
world especially here in the United States and else where, would become
unrecognizable, returning to a civilization hundreds of years past. 
With the coming of cheap dependable energy sources human civilization
has made vast strides forward and if climate folly can restrain their
rhetoric to a more reasonable level, humans will likely over come and
adapt to what ever the planet earth throws at us….

Most of us cannot afford to purchase a $50,000 electric car, nor pay
for solar panels or a wind generator or two.  For the foreseeable future
we must suffer the hand dealt us.  All of the screaming hysteria to
“save the planet”  will not change that going forward.  As time marches
onward and the effects of climate are manageable, continued  panic over
something we can do little about will not be productive.  Greta will
just have to absorb her terror of impending doom and make like an

One thought on “Climate Change Verses Reality”
  1. Good article. Like Ben was told in the film The word ( no not that one)…Nuclear. The military and DoE and NASA are coming out with some amazing portable nuclear plants which will have spinoffs for civilian and terrestrial use.

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