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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – February 10, 2021

It has been awhile since “Climate Change” has occupied much in the way
of the current hysteria that resides in White House.  It is almost as if
common sense and critical thinking have left that building.  But what is
new about that.  With the stroke of his pen, Biden has set the course of
the federal government careening down a path of full on climate
extremism, without bothering to see if anyone can afford it let alone
accomplish anything meaningful to replace what has gone before.  In an
earlier article, I gave a brief glimpse into what it would be like
without our current dependence on fossil fuels and without a suitable
alternative not only for energy, but all the products that could be
eliminated from our daily life.  The simple matter of fact is that we
are considerably short of the technology to replace fossil fuels in all
but the most meager amounts.  We are decades if not further away or ever from the changes necessary to be independent of fossil fuels.  We have spent trillions of dollars so to speak tilting at windmills in the vain
hope that CO2 emissions can be reduced in any significant amount instead of spending those resources on things we can control.

This is the message Dr. Judith Curry has been trying to pass on to most
notably the younger generation of America’s future citizens, only to be
branded “heretic” in every sense of the word by the “Climate Change”
world where consensus has taken over in a field where uncertainty is
still a major component.  Dr. Curry has for decades been a well
recognized member of the Climate studies community with over one hundred peer reviewed papers and books on a wide variety of climate topics. 

Once a strong supporter of the UN’s IPCC, Dr Curry has found the courage
to begin questioning the absolute certainty that we are doomed by human fascination with cheap fossil fuel energy.  Having retired in 2017,
primarily due to the “Toxic Nature” of rhetoric from climate extremists,
including both scientist and non scientist, Dr. Curry began to listen to
those not certain about the inevitability the earth would succumb to the
catastrophe being broadcast in classrooms, in media circles, and through
out academia.

Her initial objections were that forecasts of rapidly increasing
temperatures, rising sea levels, and raging state wide wild fires were
assumed to be the fate of the world in the very near future. The fact
that many predictive models of conditions in the future beginning with
Michael Mann’s “hockey stick theory” in 1995 have proven to be some what exaggerated have not helped quell the uncertainty and fear by the
public.  Continued stumbling when it came to real time data compared to
theory, did not cause the public to be reassured that the proverbial end
was near.  What Dr. Curry has said, which has awarded her the wrath of
the extreme climate change community, is that whatever the out come,
people should continue to live life to the fullest.  There are things,
other than the complete halt to the fossil fuel industry that can be
done which will allow for life on earth to continue.  There are way too
many unknowns to be jumping from one horse to another when it comes to the difference of climate variability natural, or man made.  Curry
points to the fact that even Green House Gas theory is not a completely
locked down undisputed theory.  There are considerable gaps in the
science of Climate.

While many do not see Dr. Curry as the voice of reason when it comes to
Climate and future disaster, her idea that because there are so many
uncertainties that many climatologists refuse to acknowledge it is
important to keep an open mind before a monomaniacal response to fossil fuels prevents actual mitigation should a worst case scenario arrive at our door step.  The toxic atmosphere where consensus science has circled the wagons, dismissing any possibility that they could learn from the heretics, deniers and cranks of the scientific world, insider or
outsider, would be well to consider all of the historical examples of
consensus science that has crashed and burned.  Dr. Judith Curry a true
voice in the wilderness of a science in its infancy that has gotten too
sure of itself.

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