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July 13, 2023

Today, our Nation is in the midst of a serious public health crisis. Illicit fentanyl has claimed the lives of thousands of Americans, yet this Administration’s lack of policy solutions, changes to border policy, and its reluctance to aggressively combat the Mexican drug cartels continue to contribute to this crisis.
This morning, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) will host an event discussing the dangers of fentanyl and the policy solutions needed to stop its harmful effect on American communities.
This event, “Combating Fentanyl—The America First Action Plan,” will feature remarks from Members of Congress and AFPI Policy Center Chairs, including Kellyanne Conway, Pam Bondi, Steve Yates, and Matt Whitaker.
Our program will showcase research developed by five of AFPI’s 22 policy centers, including the China Policy Initiative, the Center for Homeland Security & Immigration, the Center for Law & Justice, the Center for a Healthy America, and the Center for the American Child.
We invite you to follow this paramount discussion between America First Champions, so you are aware of the grave danger fentanyl presents to our country and the America First solutions we propose. Access the livestream HERE.

Fentanyl’s scourge is disastrous to American communities. Without America First solutions, our communities will continue to endure this heinous drug epidemic. Stay tuned for a recap of the key takeaways from today’s event.  

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