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Comments by Erin Brockovich, Consumer Advocate and Bob Bowcock, Water Resource Manager – March 16, 2017


We are very disappointed the EPA has determined that a revision to the NPDWR for fluoride is not appropriate at this time.  Especially since recently, after more than 50 years, the US Department of Health and Human Services Federal Panel on Community Water Fluoridation significantly reduced it’s “recommended” dose in the public drinking water from 1.2 mg/L to 0.7 mg/L.  It was painfully difficult for them to admit they were in fact wrong for many years.  They finally admitted their science and judgement were flawed, but the damage was done. Rather than order the practice to just stop, in order to save face, they simply reduced the level to that which is even more difficult for water treatment professionals to maintain. Water treatment professionals are not pharmacists and most have a deep resentment when required by politicians, heavily lobbied by advocacy groups, elect to medicate their consumers.

We STRONGLY believe use of the public drinking water systems to introduce a dose concentration of ANY SUBSTANCE for the purpose of achieving a medical result is unconscionable. The practice is an abomination of any civilized community and is fundamentally against everything we believe in as a free nation.

Advocates for mass distribution of this know toxic and regulated contaminate are misguided in their efforts to impose their goodwill upon others.




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