Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

By Linda Sutter

All but a handful of people showed up at the fairgrounds last night to hear Orlean Koehle’s presentation on what Common Core is and how concerned the public should be. Supervisors Roger Gitlin and Chris Howard were the only two Supervisors who showed an interest to this stealth educational standard which teaches Anti-Americanism, Anti-Christian, Pro-Islam and Pro- UN.

The purpose of Education is to pursue the American Dream, and to serve the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity.

Common Core, “Top-down, Federal, central controlled socialized education that is essentially “school to work” preparing children to become cogs in a global workforce. It will destroy the American Dream.

“CHILDREN BELONG TO STATE OR FUHRER” This was a headline in the German Newspaper during the Hitler regime. There were several similarities listed at the meeting that are similar with the common core values. Back then teachers were weeded out who could not accept the new system, and the curriculum was rewritten to reflect new ideology. Teachers are now weeded out who cannot or will not teach common core system. It should be noted this very system was also utilized in the Soviet Union.

But what is Common Core? Sandra Stotsky, a professor of English lit said,

“ CC (common Core) lowers the time a child used to spend reading classical Literature in elementary school from 80% to 50% and in high school to 30%. The rest of the time is to be reading “informational text,” which is ‘newspeak’ for politically correct indoctrination. Children in the first grade are being taught to use their ’emotional’ voices as they advocate for social justice causes.”

Common Core Math is being used to promote political causes such as social justice. Dr. Milgram said that Algebra will be postponed from the 8th grade to the 9th grade leaving no room for Calculus the senior year of high school, and a strange form of geometry that was so confusing it was thrown out of the Soviet Union 50 years ago. Deductive reasoning will no longer be taught.

Global Islam Indoctrination and money in order to create a ONE WORLD EDUCATION, and this program is supported by the QUATAR FOUNDATION. The Pearson Foundation, largest publisher of educational books, under Islam. In fact, the speaker of this informative meeting who is a teacher in Santa Rosa stated, “ Kids have one day in school where they have to dress up like Islam, kids must be taught and memorize verses from the QUARAN.” And children now have to pledge to “mother earth” instead the Pledge of Allegiance.

And in Florida, children getting on the bus, their eyes are photographed, scanning the iris, retina patterns and finger tips which will be used to determine curriculum and job matching.

What is the common core originators belief?

“Generally more highly educated people consume more resources. More education increases the threat to sustainability.”

Community schools are to replace parents and representative government. And this is also all led by Bill Gates, and the Walton Family, who owns Walmart industry. Eventually there will be no representative school boards as they will be appointed by the mayor of each city.

Who really wrote Common Core? The States had nothing to do with it and it is not state led. It was written by an elite, national cartel consisting mainly of members of a group called ACHIEVE, who wanted to give their standards some legitimacy by getting the National Governors Association, and Chief Council of State School Officers involved, who now hold Common Core trademark and copyrights. Those participating in writing Common Core had to sign a gag order. And this is a non- government association which hold meetings behind closed doors, which would be illegal for any governmental agency.

Unfortunately, some of the creators of the national cartel for common core were Governor Hunt and Mike Huckabee. It should be noted that we, the taxpayers, pay enormous dues for them to be part of the Governors association as well as the state superintendent.

David Coleman the architect of common core standards has no experience in K-12 education and holds a degree in Greek. He is planning on aligning all college and entrance exams with common core which will affect home schoolers and private schooled students if they want to go to college.

LINDA DARLING HAMMOND, LEADER FOR SBAC – LEFT LEARNING, her own charter school which failed with 16% proficiency in English and Math. Even the Democrats could not see eye to eye with her.

Education by Big Corporations; The Bill Gates foundation gave $150 million to the cartel to write the common core standards and has given another $00 million to promote it everywhere. Gates will be getting billions back when all the schools are now using computers.

Another big donor is the Pearson Foundation, who is the major publisher of e-books, and with the publishing of new tests will be getting billions back as well.

Common Core’s invasive data collection and tracking students from cradle to grave. Obama changed the Family Education Rights Protection Act, so it is now open season on data collection on students. Over 400 points of intrusive data will be collected such as parents political and religious persuasion, their income, how much food is in your home, etc. Every time a child does an assignment with the computer or takes a test, data will be collected. Data will ideally be collected from birth to death and sold to the highest bidder. Data will be taken of pulse, expressions, retina, and body movement to eventually determine whether your child shall attend college or a trade school.

Does the movie Galactica come to mind?

Common Core is in Violation of the 10th Amendment and Three Federal Laws; The 10th Amendment states anything that not delegated to the Federal Government is reserved to the states respectively or to the people. Our founding fathers specifically left out education in the Constitution so that it would be left to the States, to local control, and to the parents.

There are 3 Federal laws that prohibit the federal government from having control over the education of the states:


They all say basically the same thing, “The federal government is not to exercise any direction, super-vision, or control over the instructional materials or curriculum, of any school or any educational institution.”

Common Core is education without representation. Our elected representatives in Congress were bypassed and had no vote. State legislatures were bypassed and had no vote, and the local school boards were bypassed without any input or vote. Only Govenors and State School Boards knew anything about Common Core.

Arnold Schwarzenegger signed our state up before anyone knew what we were getting into.

What we can do about it to fight Common Core?

Become informed, attend meetings; read books and other information on Common Core. Pass information onto others. Gather signatures on petitions and OPT YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF TESTING.

Speak out at school board meetings. Tell them they have a right to say, “NO” to common core. (California is a local control State).

Write letters to the Editor. Call in Radio shows. Contact your state legislature. Encourage him/her to draft legislation to support a bill putting common core on hold in our state. And finally download forms online at CUACC.ORG, to opt out at your local schools.

Keep in mind the local schools are suppose to be offering you to opt out of this form of testing. If they are not doing that be suspicious, download the form and file it with the school keeping a copy for yourself.


  1. Seriously, what planet are you getting your information from? I am not for common core but all this stuff you just made up.

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