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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello  – April 9, 2019

Another insight undeveloped by the great minds of conservative talk radio is the concept of political partisanship.  The bon mot is “liberals baaaad, conservatives gooood”, mouthed as a sheepish bleat.  Michael Savage is right.  It isn’t about being a Democrat or Republican.  It is about principles, morals, and doing what is beneficial for your country instead of winning for your party.

One obvious fact is solidarity of the progressive versus the waffling of the lying conservative.  The fact can be extrapolated to come to the conclusion that there is only one party.  Beyond that, politicians believe even on the local level that they are part of some elite ruling class.  Once elected, they know more than you, are inherently smarter than you are, and deserve adulation based on having been elected.

My venal observation is political election past the grade school level is more about money and moneyed connections than about ability.  The Kardashian effect, as exemplified by Gavin Newsome or Beto O’Rourke, not withstanding, perceived beauty won’t take you as far as being the wealthies’ puppet.

As I have said in past musings, we are all part of the biggest reality show ever seen.  Distractions are what we are fed.  There is little we can do about it.  Using elections to get rid of the worst or making them all one term politicians won’t send a message because those with money will continue to feed us more of their puppets.  While the TEA party made some headway, many of those such as Paul Ryan were corrupted once in office.

It comes down to what you really want the United States to be.  There appears to be two main camps of political ideology at this moment.  Those who want to “change” the US from its traditional capitalist system into that of socialism or communism are espousing destruction or conflagration wistfully hoping that a egalitarian Phoenix will arise from this country’s ashes.

The other side wants the US preserved as an autonomous nation in keeping with the ability to provide economic opportunity to those who will add to society’s quality of life.  This is the antithesis of the one world government wanted by those who would have us all be equally miserable at best or eliminated as unnecessary strains on the environment.

Rather than arguing about which of these philosophies is the correct way to go and thereby plunging ourselves back into phony partisanship, we should all be relying on common sense rather than listening to what passes for news or journalism.

On any given Sunday you can listen to the media elitists who are more concerned about removing the current president than engaging in the discussion of debatable topics.  If you can listen to Meet the Press and tell me they aren’t tied at the hip to the Democrat Party, you aren’t very observant or discerning.  Last week’s hour long show was devoted to the mayor of South Bend, Indiana with a 15 minute long promotion of his candidacy.  This was a Democrat caucus as well as the usual “everything the President wants to do is bad” rant.

On the other side we have the champions of unquestioning support, at least to a large extent minus Savage and Mark Levin, who are just as sycophantic toward the President’s goals.  It is incumbent on us to not look at the messengers or even the actors, but rather on what is being accomplished or what is wished to be.

The common sense approach now comes into play.  Let’s look at North Korea as a starting point.  What is it that you and your version of morality finds acceptable?  Do you believe that this “People’s Paradise” should be allowed to continue in whatever direction they choose?  We have seen what the appeasement policies of the past have produced.

Do you believe in the mass murdering of your own friends, neighbors, and people of your own country through starvation or assassination is necessary to achieve any end including becoming a military power on the international stage?  Is the use of force superior to achieving economic stability as a means or method to improving your society?  All you have to do is look to the south and see the stark difference between the two economic systems.

Let’s look at our own country’s southern border and determine fact from fiction rather than listening to the delusions of 80 year olds who are as myopic as a mole.  I have friends who honestly believe that anyone wanting to come into our country should be allowed to come in.  I don’t have a problem with that because I believe I should be able to go into Mexico when and if I want without asking permission.  Although that is a concept of the freedom of human capital, Mexico doesn’t allow it and neither does Australia … or Russia.

I do not know I buy the pejorative ”the US can’t take any more because we can’t take care of our own” without examining the economic potential of an unharnessed American industrial complex.  My question remains “how and why in this day and age of industrial sophistication as well as agricultural advancements are we focused on relocation rather than transmogrifying the societies and governmental entities pushing people out of their own countries due to the ruling class’s poor choices?”

Securing our southern border is a band aid solution for a cancer which needs to excised or starved.  Are they going to build observation towers on our side so tourists can watch those kept out kill each other or be otherwise preyed upon?  Is this a manifestation of the “prime directive” in allowing what is wrong to continue simply because it isn’t our right to impose our morality on others?

Should we allow our country to be “invaded” by those who would add to our welfare rolls simply because someone has to take care of them and it is our Christian morality which teaches us this?  I thought being a white Christian male wasn’t a good thing.  Maybe we are just supposed to let Christian women make the decision except that all of Christianity is under attack by those who would define their own moral vision or delusions.

What exactly are we trying to accomplish at our Southern border?  Maybe you don’t believe in the “Rule of Law” which states that immigration is controlled at the Federal level?  Being in this country “illegally” as in not having followed existing law does not lose its value simply because of word play terming you “undocumented”.  So safety is one aspect that can not be denied.

Let’s look at it from the other side.  How does allowing unmitigated flow of humanity benefit our country, our society, and our quality of life?  Show me a positive benefit as I can clean my own home, pick my own lettuce, and mow my own lawn.  Hell, I even made my own killer Pork Chili Verde.

Let’s leave this subject before I go into my own offensive solution to the problem.  Let me just end by saying that all of the options are not being examined and one side is motivated only to keep power.  Is that a justifiable reason by any stretch of the imagination?

I will end this speaking about political collusion to get your person into  a position of power.  Get over it.  It is done all the time.  What difference does it make who is feeding you disinformation whether it be the candidate or an outside party?  A lie is a lie no matter whether it is a Russian or an Ecuadorian telling it to you.  The same goes for the truth.

I want to know and hear the truth.  I don’t care if it comes from Lucifer himself.  It is on all of us to discern fact from fiction as a personal responsibility.  If you choose to believe the talking heads reading their scripts of lies and think it is too much to verify the talking points, then you shouldn’t be voting.

So is the “Green New Deal” sensible?  Is the deindustrialization of America the right way to go or should heavy industry be brought back?  What makes sense depends on the outcome desired.  Just because you  get what you want doesn’t make it good or right.  You have to look at all the intended consequences unless you naively conceive goals without considering collateral impacts.

Common sense isn’t all that common.  It takes thought … deep thought.  It is time to examine your decision makers on this basis instead of the initial following their names.  Most won’t as we enjoy the distractions and unreality of the show being put on for us.  We have allowed ourselves to be led in the wrong direction.

It is time to refute what we know not to be true.  Common sense demands it …


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