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Opinion By Branden Bieber – July 18, 2022

It is no wonder why Del Norte County is depressed and in the midst of a Depression.

If you’re looking for reasons why you no longer have expendable income, look no further than the
elected Del Norte County Board of Supervisors (BOS).

This group of self-serving politicians has made a mockery of our local pride, and our American
Constitution. They disgrace the meaning of consensual, and hide behind a single vote to evade
transparency during the Consent Agenda vote. Worthless, BOS Chairman Hemmingsen is mainly to
blame for this abuse of power. His willingness to sensor constituents, violate American Freedoms, and
take no responsibility should cause his extradition from our County. Amongst some of Del Norte’s
historically worst Supervisors, Mr. Hemmingsen must top the list for being unproductive.

Runner up in the mockery contest of Government Official’s, Supervisor Howard seems unable to tell the
difference between truth and reality. His recent claims of successes are actually some our communities
biggest failures. This Supervisor moved to Del Norte to save the spotted owl, salmon, and now the
Kellogg Beach fern. His voting record of Government expansion and commercial/health regulations has
successfully made Mr. Howard the most Progressive Liberal Republican in the Country.

Filling a suit but not his head, Supervisor Short shows no ability to take command without a Correctional
Uniform. He’s a good example of the “Chain of Command” and appears unable to develop an original
thought. For a man who dedicated his Career to the State of California, you would think he would be
able to conceive the importance of “law and order.” With Hemmingsen and Howard Captaining the
grounding ship, Mr. Short has little chance of success. But, he’ll look good driving in the new
“Emergency” Response Vehicle.

Showing the best of intentions but delivering negative consequences, Supervisor Starkey feels
empowered to serve the most underprivileged. Pound dogs and the promotion and retention of the
homeless, Ms. Starkey’s bleeding heart will cause the next round of tax hikes and community

Lastly, the California Governor appointed BOS Ms. Masten. Need I say more, to realize this individual
does not serve the community. In her short term in office, Ms. Masten has proved the only thing she
can promote is “herself.” Regardless your political affiliation, Del Norte County needs ex-sheriff Dean
Wilson to make Del Norte County relevant again.

Why my disdain for the BOS’s? Because, of their criminal violations of the American Constitution.
Because they re-hired the mockery of a Doctor, Mr. Stutz. The same doctor who violated American
Freedoms in the pursuit to promote big pharma. The same doctor that falsified death certificates, and
threatened American Citizens imprisonment for not wearing a mask.

Without even advertising for a new Health Officer, the BOS renewed the communist’s doctor’s contract
costing nearly $160,000 per year. Without any local patients, this County Health Officer position is a
waste of money. The local Health Officer is required to promote the agenda of the State Health Officer.

For Del Norte County, Dr. Stutz (Death) exceeded State ambitions and imposed the harshest Covid
orders in the Nation. Because local Health Officers can only exceed the State requirements, it would be
responsible to nullify the Del Norte County Health Officer entirely.



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