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Re-published by Donna Westfall on May 26, 2016,  from an article published on May 22, 2012 –

In another attempt to limit free speech, Mayor Murray in Monday night’s city council meeting, May 21, 2012, cut off Gini Marie Aland during public comment stating that she was off topic.  Then Mayor Murray cut off Connie Morrison during public comment stating she was off topic.

Interesting since the topic was a campaign to switch children from sugary drinks to consuming more water including the city’s tap water which contains FSA, a toxic industrial waste product.

Not only was Ms. Aland cut off by Mayor Murray, but her microphone was also shut off.

Herein is the context of Ms. Alands comments.  Judge for yourself to see if she was On topic or OFF topic.

Good evening, my name is Gini Marie Aland and I live in the County.

While I sincerely believe  the Rethink Your Drink program is an excellent idea, I would just like to remind folks what we are encouraging our children to drink.

Encouraging them to consume more city water that contains FSA would be a shame.This fluoridation chemical is an unrefined toxic industrial waste. It is linked to a rare bone cancer in boys called osteosarcoma. At least one young man in our community has already died from this rare cancer.

A doubling of lead in children’s blood is also linked to fluoridated drinking water. In 25 different studies, a lower IQ in children has been attributed to fluoridated water.

Dental fluorosis has also increased dramatically in our youth. These should NOT be conditions we aspire to for our city’s children. Vision can be affected which impacts the reading and learning process.

We should consider those children who like myself may suffer from an allergy to this chemical.

So for at least the children who drink this city’s fluoridated water, the parents may want to take an extra precaution and give their children filtered water.

You can fill jugs with reverse osmosis filtered water at Safeway or Ray’s for only 30 cents a gallon. Water is still an inexpensive alternative to the sugary drinks we don’t want them consuming, and filtered water tastes so much better than tap water!

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Constitutional Rights Obliterated by Mayor Kathryn Murray”
  1. Listened to the video.This happened over 4years ago, seems to be no further action taken by Ms Aland as she was off topic. Perhaps it’s time to stop beating a dead horse.

    1. Actually, K, there were further developments. Gini Aland scheduled a meeting with Kathryn Murray to discuss this behind closed doors. Murray canceled. We do not know if she canceled because she was “sick” or if she just didn’t want to meet. This is not what we like to hear about our elected officials. First to tell someone during a public comment that they are “OFF TOPIC,” then shut off her microphone, and then not keep her meeting.

      The TOPIC was “Rethink your drink.” The message was to get kids off sugary drinks like soda and drink more tap water that was infused with fruits. What could be more important than to let parents know that drinking more city tap water at that time was potentially harmful to their children because it contained toxic industrial waste?

      And, if you are not aware, Kathryn Murray was very much in favor of keeping fluoride in our water because her dentist told her it was good. I doubt she even read one shred of evidence of the hundreds and hundreds of pages given to her over a 4 – 5 year period as a Council member and as Mayor by Katherine Kelly about the harmfulness of fluoride.

      You may want to read our recently published article, “Mosaic in the news again” published on September 19, 2016. In it is the line about safety of their product (fluoride) which contains arsenic, lead, cadmium, uranium and radium.

      And then you could do some research into the safety of arsenic, lead, cadmium, uranium and radium insofar as whether or not it is safe to drink. Safe for infants and children is the question.

      Bottom line, “Rethink your drink” was an excellent program. But at that time encouraging our children to drink more city tap water containing arsenic, lead, cadmium, uranium and radium was not an excellent idea. Therefore, in my humble opinion, Gini Aland was spot on topic and Mayor Kathryn Murray was incorrect to tell her she was off topic, turn off her microphone during public comment and not make a private meeting.

      Those are the makings of a bad public official. Do you think that because it happened 4 years ago that Murray has changed her stance about how to conduct herself in public office?

    1. It’s a shame that the video has a great deal of static. It’s good in that it shows Kathryn Murray caused Gini Aland’s microphone to be shut off in about 1 minute, and Gini to be shut down. That’s the mark of a great dictator, not a great leader. Funny how anything Murray’s doesn’t want to hear she calls, “off topic.”

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