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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello – March 30, 2017 –

During this last week, the United States, the world, and little ol’ Dixon were treated to the never ending stream of fabrication coming from those who wish to retain control over you.  I was listening to the reports coming out from the media about the failed attempt at repealing and replacing Obama Care when something suddenly occurred to me.  We have all been sucked in by this conservative versus liberal nonsense when we should only be concerned with the facts and how to solve identified problems.

While the Freedom Caucus comprised of 18 Republican senators has come under attack by those only concerned with “winning”, they should be applauded for standing up for their principles.  Those who need to be eliminated from government are those who ran on a platform but shift with the wind.  Shifting to the other end of the spectrum, communist/socialist/regressives have no place at the American table in the first place as their agenda is the destruction of America under the guise of improving it.

One of the lies being propagated by the new Joseph Goebbel’s media alliance is that 26 million Americans would have “lost” health care coverage.  No.  The CBO report stated that many would CHOOSE not to purchase health coverage because they are young and don’t feel they need it.

What is being ignored by the hard Left and the undefinable non-thinkers on the Right is that Obama Care will die on its own because, much like the Roosevelt Ponzi scheme known as Social Security, it is unsustainable with ever higher premiums and deductibles and lesser services.  The obviousness of the reluctance of a small group of citizens to fund and support the medical scheme for the benefit of those who don’t contribute as well as illegal aliens allowed to use it is another factor leading to its doom.  Social Security was hijacked for the same criminal illegal group but is also doomed because there is not a growing amount of workers compliments of Obama’s economic illiteracy and job killing regulations.

So we have these hard facts.  They are neither liberal or conservative.  They are just facts.  So what should be done?

Obviously the bill Nancy Pelosi said had to be passed before they figured out what was in it was flawed from the get go.  If we all agree to the premise that health care should be available to anyone who wants it, we have a starting point.  The problem is the additional stipulation that you are “entitled” to it even if you can’t afford it.  Many of us don’t agree with that or agree to the extent of providing only emergency types of service.

What we are faced with is choosing between a “free market solution” and a “collectivist” solution.  Free markets dictate that you can not bilk a customer of his or her money to build Taj Mahal facilities if those running more frugal operations can provide you the same or better service at lower cost.

The collectivist or communal approach is to have a bureaucrat tell you what you will pay, force you to pay it, then divvy out limited services based on limited funds.  There is no check on costs because there is no competition.  There is also no impetus to provide innovative solutions or do research because of the “equality” of the system.

What ever happened to “tort reform” as a way to bring down the cost of health services?  Looking for the reasons behind unaffordable rates has been lost in the rhetoric.  The solutions offered are the same as what we hear emanating from the maws of those on our own council, those who have no clue and have done no research.  This is no way to run a country or a city.

My advice to Donald Trump is the same advice I gave before.  Grow a set.  No one ever said it would be easy given that Trump is fighting the establishment he so foolishly has put in as staff, plus those on the Left he also so foolishly put on staff, and his own defective party comprised of career politicians whose only desire is to remain in Washington on the citizens’ backs.  Stick to your guns and go balls to the wall.  That is why we elected you.

The health care bill should not have been proposed before a direct vote on repealing the Unaffordable Care Act a.k.a. Obama Care.  We had a health care system which was much less costly and was working for the majority of us before governmental intervention.  Regulations restricting insurance companies needed elimination.  Instead the “experts” instead eliminated the insurance industry.  You don’t need an industry if the government is the sole provider.

So now we are treated to the lie coming from media, propagated by media, and parroted by media that Trump’s agenda is dead because of one defeat.  Is there any wonder why Trump resorts to Twitter rather than dealing with Soros surrogates who are only interested in removing him from office which they feel Trump stole from Hillary?  There is a phrase “follow the money”.  More appropriate is stating “understand their goals”.

It is time we elected people with principles who tell us what they want to do and then do it.  The Left does it just fine.  So why can’t Paul Ryan get it through his thick head that the Freedom Caucus is doing what he should be?  Wasn’t Ryan elected to correct what conservative America saw as a problem?  Who got to him?  Once nominated to be Vice President, the answer becomes crystal clear as to who now pulls his strings: the Washington Republican establishment.  Ryan is simply another power hungry unprincipled politician.


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