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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello – June 8, 2017

During a conversation I was told that there are many of you who believe that this column remains constant.  Ignorance comes in many forms.  Unfortunately for those few who have gone by the wayside, they have missed the change and a continued education.

Many don’t read my commentary any more because they are expecting the same name calling and bashing of local politicians of the past.  I would suggest my readers go back to just after the election and see reality for themselves.  The only constant is change.

Some things should not change.  My principles and ethics are based on my morals and those gained from being educated by those who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  While I will continue to “bash” any and all governmental agents who are corrupt, unintelligent, and morally base, I can do that without the name calling.  I leave that to the talk show personalities making millions doing so.

I must return to the Kathy Griffin distraction, knowing I am flirting with redundance.  It only took a week for Kathy to prove my points related to her “crocodile tears” apology and the violence of those on the Left who can’t get their way peaceably.  For those of you who have not seen the photo, I include it in this column.

I was somewhat surprised to see the vacant look on Griffin’s face.  It appears her hand is behind Trump’s bloodied head giving credence to the assertion this was a poster.  In attempting to make a statement, Griffin has exposed the mentality of the liberal fascist.  We should applaud her for that even if she did it unconsciously.

This is one reason I believe in freedom of speech.  Those who yell “Allah Akbar” while committing heinous crimes are little different from the psychotic Leftist who uses violence to stop conservatives from giving their point of view.  I have called former mayors of Dixon “terrorists” because that is exactly what they were and are, advocating retaliation and retribution toward those who disagree with them.

I find it comforting knowing that I am not the only one with the gift of lucid perception. The following is a quote from conservative comedians.

“Whatever Kathy Griffin thought she would achieve with her disgusting photo stunt, she did – however unintentionally – provide us with a valuable First Amendment lesson. We stand for her right to do what she did, just as we stand for the right of Trump and anyone else to condemn her for it.

Both actions express the beauty of America and our beloved freedoms guaranteed by our first amendment. If only “old white men” still appreciate this, America as a free society is doomed.”  Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla

This is in and of itself a very powerful statement of where we see our society at this time.  The incessant condemnation of Christian white males by the Left has reached a crescendo.  Somehow those on the Left can’t understand that racism is racism no matter which race is attacked.  Perverted thinking that whites are bad because of slavery demonstrates that the Left is more about divisiveness than morality.  Revenge is a sour drink considering that blacks owned and bred slaves.

I also found it interesting while doing my research that some who I consider to be liberals such as Roseanne Barr also were displeased by Griffin’s stunt.  My congratulations to anyone with the clarity of vision to understand the message was unacceptable.  Of course there were those such as Alec Baldwin who defended Griffin’s action as appropriate.  Unhinged and unbalanced has reached new lows.

What you may or may not realize is all of this, the Griffin stunt, the Comey grandstanding testimony event, and Russian interference in the election is all designed by obstructionists attempting to stop the Donald from carrying out his campaign promises.  There is nothing there but we waste an inordinate amount of time discussing non-issues.  The same goes for Dixon.

Those of us who have studied economics beyond that of mere university mainstream education, know quite well there are many schools of thought which are seldom taught to those easily beguiled by the dream of a degree.  Austrian economics and the gold standard, hard money systems, and Keynesian economics are a few.  Reality has taught us which system is really valid.  So where are the tax cuts to stimulate the economy?  Where are the regulation reversals?

Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Before we heap all the blame on Obama, remember it is the Senate’s right and duty to ratify all treaties.  Maybe we should thank the petty dictator for going around Congress as it enabled Trump to do the same. After all, Congress seems to be more concerned with the distractions than the business at hand.

I believe Trump is quite shrewd.  While others see him being manipulated, I see the Donald as knowing quite well that he is the lone wolf dealing with enemies within his own party as well as the deranged Left.  Little will get done until the obstructionists are shown for what they are and called out by those who elected them.  This includes Paul Ryan.

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