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By Investigative Reporter, Linda Sutter – January 9, 2024

In a recent development, the Tri-Agency held a meeting on January 4, 2024, without providing the required 72-hour public notice as mandated by California’s open meeting laws, specifically the Brown Act. The board members present during the meeting included Chris Howard, Blake Inshore, Ray Altman, and Wes White. Two members were missing. Despite being informed about their violation, they proceeded to discuss and take action on two out of seven items on the agenda.

One notable topic of discussion during the meeting involved the alleged persuasion tactics employed by Board of Supervisors Chris Howard and Dean Wilson to sway Supervisor Borges’ vote in favor of the Tri-Agency. It was revealed that during a meeting held at the county in November, 2023, Howard and Wilson assured Supervisor Borges that the inclusion of Wind Turbines would not be a part of the bylaws. This revelation raises concerns about the integrity of the decision-making process within the Tri-Agency.

Furthermore, Chris Howard reportedly requested Kevin Hendricks, a public member, to gather individuals and attend the upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting on January 23, 2024, with the purpose of influencing the board members’ stance on Wind Turbines and garnering support for the Tri-Agency. The board members also allegedly agreed to modify the language of the Bylaws to downplay the Tri-Agency’s support for Wind Turbines, despite their actual endorsement.

Of particular interest is the involvement of Kevin Hendricks, the president of the Democratic Party, who claims to be concerned about environmental health. However, his apparent disregard for the impact of Wind Turbines on marine life and the livelihoods of commercial fishermen has raised eyebrows among community members.

The hasty and non-transparent nature of the Tri-Agency meeting, along with the questionable tactics employed to push their agenda, has sparked outrage among those skeptical of the Wind Turbine project. Critics argue that the Tri-Agency’s actions undermine the principles of open governance and transparency, as well as potentially jeopardize the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and the fishing industry.

As this controversy unfolds, concerned citizens and advocacy groups are calling for a thorough investigation into the Tri-Agency’s conduct and a reevaluation of the potential environmental consequences associated with the proposed Wind Turbine project. The importance of considering the well-being of marine life and the livelihoods of commercial fishermen should not be overlooked in the pursuit of renewable energy solutions.

It remains to be seen how these revelations will impact public perception and the future decisions of the Tri-Agency.

One thought on “Controversial Tri-Agency Meeting Raises Concerns over Transparency and Environmental Impact”
  1. The “TRY AGENCY” has a history of financial abuse, and our current local leadership insists on increased Government provisions without producing positive results. Why can’t local leadership find influence in the elected position(s) they have?
    Make a tax exempt law for a “Green” Company to establish a Manufacturing Plant in Del Norte County and create some jobs. Instead, we place increased taxes on the poor, and unreasonably expand Government Enterprise.

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