Thu. May 23rd, 2024
This Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 1pm, at Front Street Park, there will be Free Cookie Social and Informational Gathering to Learn about the Health Risks of  HFSA/Fluoride.
This particular chemical has been put into our drinking water since 1980. Before then, they used sodium fluoride, a powder.   Until recently, not many professionals in our area even knew what hydrofluosilicic acid  (HFSA) was.  Now that they know, they’re learning about the health risks.
For some of the doctors in the area, once they learn that no one is taking a health history, monitoring the dose or handing out a list of side effects, they are alarmed. Admittedly 1% of the population is allergic.  But, most people do not understand that there is fluoride in prescription drugs, in our foods, and beverages.  Virtually everyone in America is over fluoridated today.
The National Sanitation Foundation, which certifies the product sold by Univar (formerly Basic Chemical Solutions) to the City of Crescent City, has admitted during congressional hearings in 2000 that they do not perform all 20 tests that are required.  Measure A asks that Univar provide a toxicological report, a listing of contaminants and proof that their product is safe and effective.  If they can’t do that, then assuming that Measure A  passes, a moratorium would be initiated to prohibit HFSA from being added to the water.
No company will accept liability for this product.  It’s pretty peculiar to add medication to the water in the first place.  But, for anyone to accept that ONE SIZE FITS ALL, just lacks basic common sense.
All are invited to enjoy free cookies and milk and pick up loads of free information.  That’s this Saturday, Sept 29th.  1:00 pm.  Front Street Park by the gazebo.

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