Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

One thought on “coronavirus”
  1. If the government spent 2 trillion dollars of our own money to research cancer, we’d be on our way to saving millions of lives a year.

    When April 1st rolls around and rent becomes due for millions of Americans, how will society handle this? I guess in a few short days, we will find out.

    Why is it that right now, amidst Chaos-19, we are seeing near silent but heavy handed pushes to break encryption to let government snoop in on all of our communications. Why are gun stores not considered essential businesses? Why is it that nobody I know of, or anyone anyone i know knows of or anyone for that matter has not contracted the virus that we can identify?

    I can’t get a single piece of evidence to point to the fact that this virus is actually real. I do hope it is real though because any other explanation for what is going on is far worse.

    You can trust in your government, but please verify.

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