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Opinion By Linda Sutter – May 20, 2022

The Local GOP wants you to believe these people will make a difference in our County as supervisors. Why would you take this local GOP as gospel when the very people advocating for these people are as corrupt as the folks in the photos.

Chris Howard who gets paid by the Alexander farm has proven in 8 years he has not only been unsuccessful in running our County, but demonstrates how he uses his position to buy his family airline tickets to Japan. By using his employee discount via through the county. He has demonstrated how he talks a lot of noise and gets nothing done.

He keeps the fact that land poisoned by Lilly farmers and affecting the water in Smith River  under wraps so he can earn $60,000.00 per year as a supervisor who is supported by the farmers.

Patty Adam’s is about as knowledgeable as the piece of paper she writes on.  Her entire adult life was in major cities . She woke up one morning and decided to fill Gerry Hemmingsen’s shoes as a Supervisor and has no idea how to run a meeting, much less attend one. She is entirely disconnected  with the public and makes sure she is unavailable  and she has little understanding of governance.  MISS Adam’s will continue to drag Del Norte down the trenches to no return because she doesn’t understand the fundamental basics of what our County is going through.  We do not need more of the same.

David Jones certainly would not represent district 5 because he doesn’t get along with the tribes now making him supervisor would not make that situation any better. This was stated through his own omission.  Mr. JONES LIKES to rubber  stamp and we certainly don’t need more rubber stampers that is what got us in this situation as it is.

Hank Akin is running against Chris Howard. Hank is making a very powerful statement in his platform. One Howard cannot refute and people are taking notice. Hank Akin won’t back down to unreasonable politicians. He will fight for this County and resolve issues facing  his constituents. Up until last week most people in District 3 didn’t know who Chris Howard was because Chris Howard is ghost until elections and after them.

Joey Borges grew up here and never left. He is a strong advocate for our youth. He has raised his family here, a board member of Parent teachers Association and created his own successful business. He is honest and hard-working, something the GOP candidates seem to lack.

Dean Wilson is a strong individual who has years of experience in government. Because he knows the  in and outs of  government entities this is the kind of knowledge we need to turn our County around.  
Together with Akin, Borges, and Wilson I believe this our time to get our County out of debt. Get our County turned around in the right direction by 3 men who will stand up and fight for the people.
It’s all up to the voters but these are the only candidates with a strong backbone. The rest of the candidates are simply too weak.

  1. Dear Gephard
    I appreciate your opinion of my opinion. It’s kind of funny isn’t it? Pointing out my miss spelled name as a way to deflect the problem with the local GOP. Additionally what is even more funny is the fact the local GOP placed a radio announcement out how they are against taxes and big government and then endorses 3 people who are for what? Big taxes and more government. Appears you can’t recognize rino…but at this point let’s simply agree that we disagree on this matter.

  2. Also, it’s Alexandre Family Farm.
    Not Alexander farm.
    But again simple research is too difficult for this “opinion” piece.

    1. Again miss spelled name does not deterr from the truth. Alexander/ Alexandre…potato/ potatoes. Hmmm? How about tator?

  3. Reporting Accurately, Fairly, and Honestly? Are you guys kidding? This piece is what Rush Limbaugh called “Drive-by-Media” garbage . Calling a whole group of people corrupt because you don’t agree with their choices? The local GOP has not made any disparaging remark about any of the people they chose not to endorse. We respect all candidates because they stuck their neck out to serve the community. We liked them all but had to make a choice as to whom we gave our nod. Its up to you the voter to accept our recommendation. Please read this article again and look for all the facts stated .. you will recognize it as a “hit-piece”. I hope you will reject that kind of “journalism”.
    Btw. aside from checking the facts, dear editor, please also check at least the names, it’s Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen and not Gerry Hemingsens. There is not only an “m” missing but also an apostrophe before the “s”.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Gerhard. Remember, this is an Opinion Piece. Spelling has been corrected. Apostrophe has been inserted. Thanks again.
      Donna Westfall, Editor

    2. Gerhard, you are a good man and dedicated Republican Committee member. I have defended the good work of the committee in the past and I will continue to do so. There is a high level of frustration and frankly, some of the committee actions are puzzling. Let’s go over a few.
      First, the committee endorsed a candidate that was not endorsed by the committee on two earlier occasions. Supervisor Howard supports sanctuary state and has put his employer’s interests and his own ahead of his constituents. Are things really any better than they were four years ago?
      Second, interesting that every endorsed candidate supports keeping the sales tax increase. I seem to recall that the local Republican values included, “less government”, and taxes. Do Del Norte Republicans really believe that more and more taxes will solve problems? What is wrong with less government?
      Third, I question your endorsement for District 5 Supervisor. Dean Wilson and his wife were very supportive of the local committee and their work. Seems like a neutral endorsement would have been better.
      I do applaud that you have spoken out. I fear that some of your committee’s actions will further fracture the local party. Keep the dialogue going.
      Forgive any typos. My brain works faster than I can type

      1. Dean Wilson is no longer a registered Republican. A simple look at the voter registration would show that. So an actual registered Republican, David Jones, candidate was chosen.
        Or would you like the local party to choose non-registered Republicans?

        1. That would be a great question for Karen Sanders who endorsed a Democrat for judge. Not saying that is bad because he is a good judge. Additionally let’s not forget how you endorsed Heidi Kime who was not a Republican but an independent. David Jones flips the script until he figured out how to kiss Sanders a**. Jones has no clue about government but I’m sure he wipes his butt ok.

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