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Opinion Piece By Angelina Countess Bieber – April 28, 2018 –

Since the passing of the unconstitutional California SB54 Sanctuary State Law, there has been a growing concern for the safety and sovereignty of California and America.  As a concerned citizen and Patriot, it was imperative for me to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting to weigh in on public comment regarding this issue. For those of you who are unfamiliar with SB54, it provides “sanctuary” for illegal alien criminals to avoid detention, deportation and limits local-federal cooperation from investigating and enforcing immigration law. In addition, they are eligible for benefits, a license to drive and the Right to Vote, without providing immigration papers, required to be vetted, etc. Just come on in. Right? Wrong! Unconstitutional.

Let’s take a step back.  Immigration law is regulated at the federal level, chiefly under the rules established in 1952 with the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 was enacted to limit illegal immigration, denying welfare benefits to undocumented immigrants and strengthening sanctions against employers who hire them.  The U.S. Congress has control over all immigration-related regulations, while the White House is in charge of enforcing immigration laws. So when Governor Jerry Brown passed 3 unconstitutional immigration laws, the Trump Administration and the US Attorney General hit California with a preemptive strike by suing Jerry Brown and blocking 3 California immigration laws that hinder the federal immigration agenda.

So here we are in Del Norte County facing SB54 front and center.  Opting out of SB54 is paramount. Several cities and counties are lining up across the state and fighting against SB54. However, 3/5’s of the attitude of the DN Board of Supervisors was appalling, to say the least. They will be referred to as The Gang of Three.

They blatantly demonstrated disrespectful, unempathetic and unpatriotic behavior toward an issue that is of such great magnitude. Lori Cowan was constantly rolling her eyes at various speakers, like she knows everything, yet could care less. Chris Howard kept looking at Hemmingsen for ‘Pop’s’ approval, like he was not sure how to conduct, let alone lead the meeting.  In fact, there was a special guest that came to our meeting, which was the lovely, Erin Cruz who is running California State Senate. As Chairperson of a board it is common practice to show respect to a visiting dignitary, giving them a formal introduction. Did Chris Howard to that? No. In fact, when Erin Cruz was speaking, she was booed from the crowd.  A Chairperson is expected to control the meeting and its audience, by removing disrespectful people from the chamber.  Once again, Chris Howard did nothing. I doubt Erin Cruz will want to visit Del Norte anytime soon. It’s too bad too, because she has a very good chance of beating Senator Dianne Feinstein in the election. Not only is Erin Cruz a Patriot, but she strongly believes in upholding the Constitution, which means enforcing federal immigration law for the state of California.

Also, it was recently discovered that According to Zero Hedge, leaked texts between Democratic Senator Mark Warner and a lobbyist representing a Russian aluminum oligarch reveal that Daniel J. Jones, a former Feinstein employee is “intimately involved with ongoing efforts to retroactively validate a series of salacious and unverified memos published by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent, and Fusion GPS.”  In short, Feinstein’s ex staffer has been caught red handed in being involved in opposition research in the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Many of you know by now, the Russian Collusion was a hoax; its sole purpose was to sabotage the Trump campaign and Presidency. And we can all see how miserably the DNC and the Obama Administration failed at destroying Trump.

Now, back to the local level. And then we have Hemmingsen, who was totally disconnected – ready to retire. Hemmingsen kept asking questions on the agenda about items like he didn’t know what was going on or how things are done. It was embarrassing to watch. Their self-righteous candor and blatant disregard for law abiding citizens regarding SB54 demonstrates they are only in office for their own political gain. Timely action on this law is of dire importance. Their inability to work for the greater good is evident by the fact that SB54 came to their desk in the fall of 2017 before SB54 became law, but it was 2-1-2 vote. Hemmingsen opted to abstain. So here we are again in 2018 with SB54 now a law and they still show an unwillingness to do what is right. The only ones that made suggestions of what our options were or asked questions showing concern for how this can impact our community were Roger Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz.  Gitlin proposed a couple alternatives to what we could do, which was to draft a Resolution or Ordinance, which is what several communities are doing.

But the way he was treated by the Gang of Three as if he mentioned something dangerous and destructive. Yeah, it’s terrible to suggest a solution, let’s just do nothing, seems to be the trend of the Gang of Three. Let’s do nothing that sounds like a swell plan. Let’s appease the enemy and wait for them to make their first move.  America didn’t become free because George Washington and his army sat around waiting for an absolution from the Red Coats. They went all in and fought till’ we won. That is how America does things. We go for the gold. WE fight to win to protect our Freedom. We must have leaders that uphold their oath of office, which is preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, the United States and We The People from enemies and foreign entities that want to destroy us. We need Supervisors to fight for what is right; not vacillate, abstain or table critical issues because it doesn’t fit their political landscape.

So you see, the corruption starts from the inside and works its way down to the smallest of tentacles which are the small communities, like Del Norte County.  We have a Governor that is ensnared into the Deep State who has operatives that are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood which are linked to the DNC and their inner workings of the Uranium 1 deal, which is tied to Globalists, which we all know want to achieve the New World Order.

So you must ask yourself, why would our Governor want open borders and let anyone and everyone with no vetting or background checks to come into California?

For one reason and one reason only, to manipulate the failing, bankrupt Democratic Party and their voter base. That’s it. Meanwhile our state will be flooded with crime, debt, overpopulation, higher taxes, pollution, homelessness, inevitably bleeding into other states, thereby, ruining our sovereignty and the fabric of our Republic. Because that is what the Globalist movement wants. The Globalists want to strip America of her sovereignty, resources and wealth and distribute it to the New World Order.

So, when I hear Lori Cowan imply that what happens in Southern California doesn’t pertain to us, she is, as President Trump would say, “WRONG.”  It is high time that the Board of Supervisors put their personal feelings and agendas aside, take a unified stand and opt out of SB54. There comes a time when leaders face an intractable problem and one must find a loophole or think creatively, or as Alexander the Great had to do, was cut the *Gordian Knot!

* “cutting the Gordian knot” is now commonly used to describe a creative or decisive solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem.


2 thoughts on “Corruption from the Inside Out”
  1. Lisa, for you, so much of her “opinion” might be “dead wrong”, but for many in this Country and locally, she is right on the money. As far as inaccurate, one is expected to be accurate as well, when leveling that charge. I believe her statement was “not required to be vetted”, which is true in California and many other jurisdiction throughout the Country. In California, illegal aliens, non citizens, or whatever term you wish to use can access benefits in an emergency or safety condition. It is not uncommon for non citizens to enter California illegally with a pre-exsitng condition, only to plead poverty and access benefits sometimes amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars before returning to their home Country or remain in the US. Sometimes it is health care, sometimes educational benefits as though a resident. Drivers licenses can be obtained by illegals with proof of date of birth and residency. No immigration status required. Many jurisdictions do not require identification to vote. Some require a drivers license, easily obtained. While registration to vote is a bit more of a challenge, even that has been over come, for the most part fraudulently. Never the less, even voting is possible for the illegal alien in US elections and has proven to be difficult to detect primarily due to lack of cooperation by the powers to be in California. I do not intend to engage you on the rest of part #1, but remember, your very nice neighbor might just be someone you just called an “idiot”.

    As far as #2, I will address it as it pertains to each sheriff. Former Sheriff Wilson clearly stated he “did not support SB54” and that illegal immigration was a problem for California as a whole. He did not have the resources to engage illegal immigration, nor was it within his purview, and as such his approach to his duties within the County would not change with SB 54 in place. Sheriff Apperson simply stated that his approach would not change. Neither sheriff stated that illegal immigration was not a problem here, just that it was not a part of their normal approach to their job.
    In addition, I do not believe it is a practice following arrests that local law enforcement checks immigration status or whether some one has an ICE detainer. I could be wrong, but I’m told that is the case. Local law enforcement probably is not going to know in advance whether or not illegal immigration is or is not going to be a problem in the future. Being able to cooperate with Federal authorities may or may not help, but it most certainly can not hurt. It would be a very painful experience for local law enforcement to release a truly violent felon into the community simply because they didn’t know, then a truly horrific crime was committed that could have been prevented. One further thing, Supervisor Howard has regularly made the claim that the California’s Sheriffs Association supported SB54, which is not true. The Associate went to a neutral stance only after the Assembly modified the bill to include a modest list of serious crimes in which law enforcement could collaborate with Federal authorities.

    Finally what people are “up in arms about” is the complete indifference to the rule of law that is on display by a portion of local citizenry when it suits them. As I read the US Constitution, California is clearly in the wrong, but who am I. I know for a fact after having travelled the world extensively, that no other Country in that world would tolerate one portion of their Country doing what California has done. People need to understand that people who commit crimes no matter how minor should feel at the very least uncomfortable, if not fearful if the crime is more serious. This IS NOT about being racist, but the desire for citizens to feel like that means something to somebody in this Country. Other wise, we are no longer talking about Country, but a region on a map where anarchy is on full display.

  2. 1. So much of this is just dead wrong, as in totally inaccurate. No one gets benefits or a driver’s license or voting rights without proper paperwork. There’s a ton of inaccuracies here, but that is the one that bugs me the most because it is so ignorant and an easy way to bring fearmongering to an audience of other idiots.

    2. Both our current and prior sheriff have made it abundantly clear that illegal immigration is NOT a problem here, so what are you people up in arms about?

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