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By Kevin Kiley – May 17, 2024

Politico reports Kamala Harris has told friends she will return to California to run for Governor if Biden loses. This might be the only possible way our state’s political leadership could get worse. 

Kamala Harris

As if to preserve his title as the bigger disaster, Newsom just declared his homelessness policy a “national model.” I called this the “height of delusion,” leading Newsom to be ridiculed far and wide as the comment ricocheted from Fox News to the Daily Wire and beyond.

This week, I cross-examined another prospective candidate for California Governor: Biden Health Secretary Xavier Becerra. Incredibly, Becerra stood by the 30 universities that still have COVID vaccine mandates. Today, I read the name of each one on the House Floor. 

Xavier Becerra

I also asked Becerra if he supported Newsom’s $3 billion expansion of Medi-Cal to everyone here illegally. He replied “absolutely” – effectively turning taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal immigrants into Biden Administration policy.

Finally, I asked him about the secret Chinese bio lab found in California, and whether he could say with confidence there aren’t others. He could not. I’ve introduced legislation to find any other such labs, and just sent a letter demanding answers for why the CDC ignored this one.

And yesterday, the Judiciary Committee cited Merrick Garland for contempt for withholding recordings of Biden’s interviews with Special Counsel Hur. Minutes before the hearing, Biden asserted “Executive Privilege” over the recordings. I laid out the 6 absurdities of Biden’s position.

Attorney General, Merrick Garland

Meanwhile, after I called for the removal of CSU Sonoma State’s President, he was placed on “leave” and has now resigned. You can watch here as I document the unbelievable ways that he and other campus leaders are appeasing lawless encampments. 

This won’t be the last resignation. I’ve sent a letter to the heads of the CSU and UC systems with a clear message: any university leader who caves to a lawless mob needs to be removed immediately. 

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