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Credit to GMO’ – May 15, 2019 –

Bayer is suffering from an expensive case of buyer’s remorse today after its third loss in court. On Monday, a California court ruled that glyphosate, the main ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup, was the cause of a couple’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma—a type of cancer that has been linked to Roundup use. The couple was awarded $55 million in compensatory damages, and each of them received an additional $1 billion in punitive damages.

Litigators have claimed that Monsanto was aware that their product causes cancer, which is why punitive damages have been added to the verdict. In addition to previous studies that have shown Roundup to be dangerous, a recent study found that the use of Roundup increases a person’s chance of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by 41%.1When Bayer purchased the company, they inherited responsibility for the controversy surrounding Monsanto’s products.

Bayer’s stock plummeted after its purchase of Monsanto and saw repeated hits after each court loss. Over the last year, in fact, the company’s stock has gone from over $32 per share to a low of just $15.45 on Tuesday—effectively slashing shareholders’ investments in half. The company, which held it’s shareholder’s meeting last Friday, had already been shaken by a 55% vote of disapproval of management over the company’s purchase of Monsanto…an unprecedented act in this type of meeting that will likely have ramifications in the company’s management.2

Today, there are 13,400 cancer lawsuits waiting to be heard in court—all claiming that Roundup caused their illness. Additional suits will undoubtedly be filed as news of the verdict becomes known. While this is bad news for Bayer (and its stockholders), it’s excellent news when it comes to seeing justice for the damage caused by Monsanto’s GMOs and chemicals to both the environment and the health of humanity.

We’ll keep you updated as things develop. Let’s hope that this is the beginning of an awakening when it comes to the dangers of GMOs, glyphosate, and factory farming.

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