Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

By Donna Westfall

There are 58 counties in California.  Each one of those counties has at least one law library.  In Del Norte County, the law library is located inside the Courthouse.

For the past number of years, Dick would drive up from Eureka several days a week to help out those needing advice and guidance on fighting legal battles.

Paralegal, Linda Sutter, says this about him, “He had a real passion for the law.”

He had heart surgery a year ago and after a long recuperation, came back to the law library.  He knew he was living on borrowed time.

Wes Nunn remembers Dick as, “The guy with a crusty disposition with a real heart of gold. Dick would come off as cantankerous as hell, and then bend over backwards to help people.”

He will be missed.


2 thoughts on “Court Self-Help, Richard “Dick” Edgar, Passes”
  1. I had no idea that the man who helped me was not the full time law librarian.
    He was so helpful.
    What a wonderful gift for me.
    To meet a person who valued the law and others so much he spent the last days of his life sharing his knowledge of the law.
    Thank you, Dick.
    I will carry you and your acts of kindness in my heart to my grave.

  2. He’s helped me greatly during times of need. He took his time with me and never asked of a penny. He is a wonderful person and if there is a heaven, i hope he has a very special place next to God.

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