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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 17, 2021

When Covid-19, better known as SARS-CoV-2, first came on the scene in
January of 2020 in the United States it rapidly evolved into a game of
reporting numbers, so many confirmed cases, so many hospitalized, so
many on ventilators, and finally so many deaths. As headlines in the
media hysterically shrieked it is the end of human civilization,
governments far and wide rolled into action, lockdowns, masks, social
distancing, washing hands and surfaces with no discernible change in the
dynamic.  Then the prospect of an early development of the “magic
Bullet”, Covid vaccines to be ready for use by as early as December of
2020.  In New York City on December 14th the first Pfizer vaccine
inoculation was administered and the world was suddenly a better place,
or so we thought, in fact had been promised.  Nine months later, we know
a whole lot more about SARS-CoV-2 and the many vaccines that are now
being administered.

First, the Pandemic by the numbers.  In the period from the first
recorded infection from Covid-19 in the United States until the first
vaccination on December 14th there were just over fifteen million
confirmed cases and slightly less than three hundred thousand deaths, at
least that was what we were being told.  Of course for those that were
paying attention, the CDC announced in mid December that only about 6%
of the 300,000 deaths were from Covid alone or only about 18,000 deaths
that could be directly attributed to a Covid infection alone.  The
remaining 280,000 deaths were all associated with up to six comorbidities.

Once U.S. citizens began to receive the vaccines, December 14th, until
mid September the number of Covid-19 confirmed cases has exceeded 42
million in the US alone, with a bit over 677,000 reported deaths, or a
bit over 40,000 using the CDC factor of six percent.  In a month less
than a full year without anyone being vaccinated, the United States
experienced just over 15 million confirmed Covid cases and a bit less
than 300,000 deaths.  In the nine months since the vaccine began to be
administered to the US population, we have experienced 27 million
confirmed cases of Covid-19 and nearly 400,000 deaths, or a bit over
40,000 using the CDC factor again.   When looking at the raw numbers, it
would appear that using the vaccines is taking us in the wrong
direction.   Nearly double the number of deaths and nearly one and a
half time the number of infections over a shorter period of time by a
couple of months.

Shifting gears a bit, the numbers surrounding vaccine administration
appear to be a bit hazy.  Over the Spring of 2020, our feckless leader
in the White House, promised 70% vaccination rate by June, then July. 
You will have to forgive him for his uncertainty, it happens a lot for
him.  In July, the reported numbers of fully vaccinated US citizens was
pegged at 67%, close but not 70%.  Turned out it was closer to 63% with
the remaining only having received one dose.  By September of 2021 the
fully vaccinated had increased to 180 million with another 30 million
with the single dose.  This translates into just over 53% of the total
population being fully vaccinated and a bit over 63% including those
with only a single dose.  Still not bad, but not 67%.

Here is where it gets interesting.  What is often left out of the
numbers is that they refer to people who can be vaccinated.  The US has
a population of just over 49 million children ages 0 to 12 years of age
which are not authorized to receive the vaccine. Another, roughly 36
million people are pregnant, are allergic to vaccines, or some other
condition that prevents them from being vaccinated, 83 million in all. 
If any of these CDC numbers are true, that would leave a bit more than
35 million people who can be vaccinated but chose not to be.  In other
words, by September 15th, 2021, about 10 percent total of the population
was unvaccinated by choice, down from 10.5 percent on July 1,2021,
during which time the US was experiencing a large surge of Delta Variant
cases.   Seems the media insistence that only the unvaccinated were
being affected by the new variant was precisely targeted, or maybe not…..

One final note on the Covid front.  In July of 2021 the CDC on a
recommendation from the FDA, informed laboratories reading RT-PCR tests,
were to discontinue use of the test and shift to other types of testing
for Covid-19 by December 31, 2021.  A vast majority of testing through
out the world was done using this particular test.  No word from the FDA
as to why this has occurred.  Speculation has it that the test either
give to many false positives, or that it cannot distinguish between
Covid-19 and many other common viruses.  Food for thought.

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