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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – April 9, 2022

From all the media hype and public official hysteria one has to think
that a Covid infection would have visited each and everyone of us some
time ago.  Yet clearly it hasn’t.  High profile government officials who
seem to bathe in the reflected glory of public attention have recently
had the cruel twist of fate come visit in the form of the Corona virus. 
National news has revealed that more than one high ranking government
official have had their first encounter with the dreaded virus a full
two years after its introduction to this Country.   How can that
possibly be one might ask, particularly in light of recently revealed
facts that masking does not work, certainly the “vaccines” provide no
immunity, social distancing forget about it, and lockdowns, are you
kidding me.  So how is it that these pretentious federal officials are
just now becoming infected?  Could it possibly be that the
transmissionability of the virus is not any where near what we have been
told to expect?  Is it possible we have been lied to about the
infallibility of testing, the PCR test?  What about death numbers from
Covid, lied to as well?

It has become almost common place to see those that lord over us with
mandates and emergency decrees, to blithely ignore their own rules.  Too
often those who have elevated themselves into positions of sole dictator
have been caught placing themselves above us all when it comes to
following “Covid” rules, then seek to deflect any and all criticism.  Do
they know something that they haven’t been fully honest with all of us
“Walmart Shoppers”? It certainly looks to be the case.

You do have to wonder if the Fauci’s of the world will ever come clean
and admit much of the Covid porn was a pointless exercise in futility. 
Please don’t tell those that continue to wear face masks looking over
the brim of their mask at the maskless faces of others with a hostility
that borders on lunacy that their masks have been relegated to “fashion
accessories”.   For there remain enough of them upon reconciling with
that fact could become a danger to themselves and others.  In the mean
time they have become objects of disguised humor and in some cases the
object of pity for the ignorant.   Never fear, we have merely been
experiencing the effect of mass induced psychosis inflicted on the
entire world by those that are “supposed ” to be looking after our
“safety”.  Only time will tell whether the outrage reaches the level of
insisting those that deceived us so will have to pay a price for their

In the meantime, as more and more of us shed the makebelieve measures that
have not protected us from this virus, most of the United States has
returned to a much more normal life style. While a seeming endless
string of catastrophes for the most part originating out of “blue”
states such as California and the Federal leadership in Washington, the
irrational fear of Covid infection has begun to fade.  Whether we will
ever be able to believe in “science”, the Media, the Medical
Establishment, and our leadership in governments remains to be seen. 
The gap in trust has widened significantly over the past two years, and
is unlikely to close as we continue to see the masked individuals
littering the landscape.  A reminder of past excesses in leadership not
easily forgiven nor forgotten…

In some respects this recent parody of the public health’s concern over
our well being has served to wake many in the public that have slipped
into conformity, no matter what the cost to the country as a whole. 
This pandemic and the subsequent change in leadership at the federal
level, has given rise to awareness that we have left the tracks of
common sense.  Dangerously ineffective leadership in California and with
the Biden Administration in Washington continue to acerbate an already
compromised standard of living in the United States not made whole even
with the lifting of pointless Pandemic restrictions.  Now is the time to
be freed of all similar efforts of converting the lessons learned over
the past couple of years into something that can be repeated.  If we
have learned anything about virus epidemics over the past two years, it
is not to be stampeded into repeating this folly…

2 thoughts on “Covid, Covid, Everywhere”
  1. The narrative regarding the “Medical Necessity” of covid rules has switched from controlling the masses through the fear of covid and taking away freedoms. Their narrative now is persuading the masses that these measures are longer needed. What has changed? The “Political Necessity” of standing a chance in the 2022 elections. This shows us that those who used covid as a means to gain more power will change the narrative to suit their plans. If we reelect those who forced this upon us, we will shortly the narrative will again change and we will be told that covid is back and we must take steps to fight it.

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