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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 7, 2021

Amidst all the local hand wringing and Covid hysteria reported prior to
the Labor Day weekend, there was a bit of a silver lining that revealed
itself amongst all the reported numbers of doom and gloom as well as
those not being reported.  it seems that aside from a very few places in
the County the over all picture was as expected, still not a great
chance of contracting the virus. While Dr. Aaron Stutz was reporting 15%
of the county’s population was testing positive, apparently mathematics
is not his strong suit, the reported numbers of Covid positive cases in
nineteen months remains below ten percent, slightly less than five
percent over the past three months.  Looks a lot like a typical
Influenza outbreak every flu season, something that we no longer appear
to have.

As far as the places to avoid within the County, you know, the “Super
Spreaders”, you may not wish to hang out at the local Del Norte County
Jail, or Pelican Bay Prison.  Seems that people locked up 24/7 with no
access to the outside world, so we are told, have reported nearly 100
positive cases, no one hospitalized, or to have died.  Still, the local
“Karens” may not wish to participate in activities at either place.  No
outdoor barbecues, or sporting events to make things worse.

Another “Super Spreader” site is the local Walmart where just working
there has become hazardous to your health.  Of the nearly three hundred
employees, just over fifty percent are “home ill from the virus”.  Never
knew combat pay was requisite for being a Walmart Greeter.  Yet,
shoulder to the wheel, as we can’t expect Public Health to step in and
shut down a “Big Box” store as much of the small businesses were for
months.  Where would everyone get their toilet paper after all?

The next target on Jeff Harris’s list was those dastardly “positive” for
Covid people running around town grocery shopping or picking up
prescriptions, going to football games unmasked, and, theatrical
hyperventilation, picking their children up after school.  He goes on to
report that three or four children, he doesn’t seem to know which, have
resulted in nearly 300 students and staff being quarantined for possible
contact violations. Another theatrical hyperventilation.  Needless to
say, all the local fear virtue signalers should give the District’s
schools a wide “social distance”.

Also in the round up of places to avoid is the local hospital, Sutter
Health, nearly 200 monoclonal antibody treatments, early treatment for
Covid infection for those that are easily confused, over flowing Covid
wards, and a stuffed intensive care unit. Probably not the place to hang
out over Labor Day anyway.  More glowing numbers from CEO Mitch Hanna
places those unvaccinated at the head of his hit list.  But, Hey,
whether vaccinated, or not, Sutter Health is not someplace a person
would wish to be sitting around drinking beer and having a Labor Day burger.

If you are planning on a little “honey do” project on your day off, Home
Depot is another place to avoid.   At least chances of customers that
may be inclined to roll into a group hug with employees, might
considered the “hug” off the table for a few weeks.  Employees seem to
be less immune to coming down with Covid, than customers,  that is what
has been reported.  Public Health once again whiffed at the possibility
of a shut down at another “Big Box” super spreader.  Corporate bottom
lines are important after all.

And finally Crescent City Hall rounds out places to avoid. Fortunately
for most folks the offices are closed over the past few days, holiday
you know.  Whew dodged a bullet there.  Could have infected Blake
Inscore, Mayor Pro Tem.  What would the City do then, grind to a halt
over lack of media sound bites for fourteen days.  Horror of Horrors!

With the round up complete of places to avoid, the rest of the County
must be Covid Free.  With the round up of quarantine and positive case
numbers from those six venues there can’t be too many outliers left.

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