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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – February 221 2018 –

Lunacy abounds.  It is seen or heard daily at the national level and, because of my contacts and sources, all too frequently it is observed within our own city limits even when attempting to hide public business from the public.  For those of you who find city or school business “boring”, I must say because of the “never give an inch … always advance our agenda” of the progressive Left and a slightly stronger showing from a very few on the true conservative political side, I am finding the national scene redundant and bordering on the “I told you so” because so many of my insights or deductions are being proven correct.  So, today, you are going to get a little of both levels and I will try to make sure you stay awake.

You have to wonder about Nancy Pelosi.  Her latest comment was about the border fence or wall.  I have seen the video of the interview where she claims that in some places, “you just need to cut the grass”.  This woman is the Democrat’s leader in the House of Congress.  Oh my …

Not to be outdone, the Mueller team in order to come up with something has indicted 13 Russians for interfering in our 2016 presidential election.  However, if you read the indictment per the suggestion of Rush Limbaugh, you find that the actions taken by these people were after the election such as setting up divisive protests on both sides of the political aisle.  But wait a second …

Exactly what is the definition of this supposed “interference” with the election?  Providing fake news to influence the public?  Defaming candidates in order to garner a nomination?  I have news for the clueless of you out there.  This is what both political parties, the media, outsiders, insiders, and anyone else with a stake in the game does.  Does it make any sense to you if Russia interferes it is bad but anyone else, such as Britain, if they do it, it is okay?  And we spent $9 million on this so far?  Please …

Before we leave the national scene, (God I wish John Dawson was still commenting on this rot), I have to mention the school shooting “never let a crisis go to waste” liberal Left mentality which we now see in full motion.  This will be my segue into the local scene over at our own school district.

Exactly what are these laws, no more restrictions on your second amendment freedoms, which they want to put into place?  Banning bump stocks?  Making it more difficult for young people to get an AR-15, what has been described as a 22 rifle on steroids?  Mental health exams, more vetting, more waiting but don’t put concealed arms in the hands of Vets or other people on the school campuses because it might psychologically traumatize the kids?  How exactly will one “School Resource Officer” on one campus stop anything unless it were to come directly at him or her?

Chicago, one of the cities in the US with the strictest gun control laws, is a good example of what happens in a “gun free zone”.  Jose, who is 26, calls in and states, “since I was 9, I have had 30 friends die”.  Yeah, that works.

I have news for you, folks.  We need more guns, not fewer guns.  The Israelis show us how to deal with never ending attacks from maniacs.  You don’t know when they are coming or who they might be.

Isn’t it better to be prepared to act rather than react in 5 or 10 minutes? …

* * * * *

Went to the school board meeting on Thursday.  Funny thing.  No councilman showed to discuss the all important topic of the day: the school resource officer.  The city manager was there.  Guess that is how it works when you don’t really represent the people.  You just talk a good game.

So after two and a half hours of waiting, the board members haul Lindley, our city manager, up to answer questions.  More like berate him on why the city won’t just give them an officer considering all the money marijuana is predicted to generate to the city.

Someone forgot to tell these numbskulls that the school district with a budget twice the city’s and the city government of Dixon are two different and distinct entities.  All of your whining about it “being for the kids” (yes I got a report out of your 2×2 meeting) doesn’t change the fact that it is the school board’s responsibility and not the city’s to provide protection for the children under their supervision.

Hell, even the marijuana shops who are generating all of this revenue aren’t asking for a dedicated cop to be on premise during their operating hours.  Why should a school district, which is failing at its task of education of all the students, be able to demand anything?  Funny, but I didn’t see any representatives from the Montessori Charter school asking for anything.

First off, a school resource officer on one campus is not a solution to the potential problem.  If the officer is there to be a counselor and attempt to prevent altercations, that is fine.  Having a number of trained individuals with concealed weapons ready for instantaneous reaction is.

Could you imagine the headlines of “potential mass murderer disarmed on site” or “student shooter stopped after gun is drawn”?  If it ends in tragedy for the shooter, how many more do you think will come to “try” those on each campus.  Now that is a deterrent and that will end it.  Exactly how many airplanes have been hijacked since pilots have received training and are allowed to carry weapons?

A school resource officer is a waste of taxpayer funds.  If your school needs a psychiatrist, then hire one.

As of right now, I think there is a need.  For members of the school board …



One thought on “Crazy Is Not Funny”
  1. “A school resource officer is a waste of taxpayer funds. If your school needs a psychiatrist, then hire one.”


    I was a victim of bullying from the 5th grade all the way through my first two years of high school. This span included Bess Maxwell, Joe Hamilton, Crescent Elk and Del Norte High. The only school I remember having a resource officer was Del Norte High.

    Through the entire time I was bullied, school administrators turned a blind eye and waited until I reacted and when I finally reacted after severe abuse, that’s when I would get in trouble. I couldn’t get help. Teachers were powerless and had no voice.

    I developed severe issues from being bullied. Luckily I didn’t turn out to be a mass murder, but on many occasions as a teenager, I felt that violence was the only way to solve the issue. That’s because no matter how much I tried to get help to stop the bullying, there was none. The only time anything would happen, was when I broke out in rage and starting punching walls and screaming at administrators. I was suspended more than once for that.

    Luckily I am strong willed and felt that Karma would eventually take care of the situation,… eventually.

    But one thing I can tell you, is that school resource officers are complete joke and a complete waste of money. And I fully agree, it’s be far better to provide psychologists instead, so there is a way to help those inflicted by issues like bullying. If I had someone to talk with immediately at the school, i would have likely seen better results in my school years.

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