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By Guest Columnist – Michael Ceremello – January 12, 2017 –

I have to ask you all the obvious question.  “Are you paying attention to how the Left and their propaganda arm, Main Stream Media, are attempting to lead you around like sheep?”  How much more proof do you need that those two think they can lie, cheat, and steal their way to their goals?

The latest is the “dossier” on Donald Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen.  The accusation is that Cohen was in Russia and participating in sexual encounters at a high end hotel.  The only problem is Cohen has a passport and it indicates he hasn’t been out of the US.

Not to be outdone in attempting to blow up the Trump administration before it even starts, the CIA and FBI join in promoting the lie.  If Trump could ask Cohen to show him his passport, which is stamped when entering other countries, why did these “expert” governmental agencies not do this basic research?

It is the agenda.  No one stands for what is right anymore.  At least not in the larger publications and online garbage news.  Perhaps this is all good though, if as an average citizen you can see the obvious for yourself.  Many of us prefer to live in denial.

The destruction of media credibility enhances our ability to recognize “fake” news.  Of course that does presume you have a little common sense and the ability to use logic.  Yahoo is a great source to see what passes for news.

The commingling of what should be in the Hollyweird tabloid Variety and overly biased, slanted pseudo-reporting but mainly hate filled opinion pieces is the pap they attempt to feed us.  Feed us they do as AT&T has chosen these clowns as their mail server provider.  They do us no favors.

Now that the liberal progressive “house of cards” is beginning to not just fall, but collapse with a roar to be heard around the world, you have to question yourselves about the credibility of the rest of their Leftist agenda.  Do you really continue to believe in the man-made global climate change scam?  Do you really believe the unemployment numbers of only 4.9% of the work force out of work when 95 million people are sitting on the sidelines?

If you think “here we go again, Mike is going all negative on us”, think about this: There is a reason I was named TILII … pronounced Tilly.  “Tell it like it is” combined with impeccable research and honest conclusions gives me credibility which I intend to keep.  As for being negative, I opine and muse that it is extremely positive for all of us that this chicanery has been exposed.

One thought on “Credibility”
  1. While I can’t talk about, I will say I am thankful for the assistance of the FBI and an undisclosed matter. Just like there are both good and bad cops, there are good and bad FBI agents. I would suspect the same within the CIA. The strange thing is that it is easy to generalize these very large arms of our government. I don’t know what I would do without them.

    I do not listen to any mainstream media. I do watch people like Mark Dice on YouTube. You don’t have to eat what is feed to you. Americans are smarter than we give them credit for but I blame the under-educated for most of the bad voting. Those who think with their emotions when making choices about what they will vote for or against rather than putting rational unbiased thought into the decisions they help make in what democracy we have left.

    I was unemployed but decided to create my own career path. To this day, I am still doing what I love to do. There are no excuses for people not to push forward and complain about being unemployed. Yeah, i’d love to be making a couple hundred thousand a year sitting in some office somewhere in a big city, but then again would I really want to slave away just so I can retire only to die shortly after while being anchored down to a house and car payments? Nah.

    I never did understand Left vs Right in politics. There is either sane and insane politicians and there are those who are in it for the good of the people or those who are only in it to built monetary wealth and power. Sadly it seems we keep electing absolutely the wrong people to be placed into power.

    For those who don’t like Trump being in office, just give it up already. He’s been voted in and let’s just make the best of the next 4 years. He’s already doing more even before being president than I remember anyone in my lifetime before him doing so before they became president. He is not afraid to fire people he feels are not fit for the roles they are supposed to serve and we are seeing that now.

    Where is Hillary? If it was about doing good for the people she’d be out there speaking up and representing the people, despite losing out to Trump as POTUS.

    I voted for Bernie, just like most people I know, just for the record. If people care about what’s going on in government, maybe they need to get out and actually DO something. I am on record a few times attending city council meetings as I am entitled to as an American citizen. I ask everyone else to do the same. You have that right, so exercise it. Nobody has the right to complain if they don’t find a way to at least speak up.

    The reason fake news has been so successful is because so many people fell into the Facebook trap, WILLINGLY. They knew damned well that their privacy was being traded in for access to that service. It’s not just Facebook, but I would venture to say that it makes up a huge fraction of how “fake news” is distributed. People will click on anything and that makes me sad. People are not using their brains as much as they should. THINK. People will believe ANYTHING they read on the internet. Websites like Snopes have crept up to help counter some of this garbage that people consume.

    Why is SPAM email still pervasive in our inboxes? Because it still works. Generation after generation it seems that people are behaving more of the same and are more susceptible than ever to believe anything that comes their way. People are trusting by nature and as humans, this is a good thing but really, common people.. wake up. Lack of common sense is at the root of all our problems and our schools are not helping matters either. Nobody seems to be putting pressure on the people who design the curriculum and testing methods either. If they are, they are certainly not loud enough. Maybe it’s time that if you want to get heard, you just gotta fight fire with fire and start pushing outlandish stories online via Facebook to get a conversation started.

    Got a problem with your local government? No problem, just create a massively funny fake news story and do so often until people will share the fake news until it actually helps you get the message across.

    For the record, I also find it sad that I can trust Donna’s blog much more than I can trust the Del Norte Triplicate for accurate reporting. Of course, that would put me on their list for not being able to write anything for them either, not like they want anything to do with me anyway.

    I know I am all over the place in my message, but maybe it will help someone and really that is all I care about.

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