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By Linda Sutter – December 29, 2021

Unfortunately, the Crescent City, City Council held a special meeting Wednesday night, and honestly, you’re not going to like what was on the agenda. I did not discover that a meeting occurred until 11:33 pm. Want to know what was so special? Here ya go;

Sister City Mural Agreement with Piece by Piece Pottery • Recommendation: Hear staff report • Technical questions from the Council • Receive public comment • Further Council discussion • Approve and Authorize the City Manager to sign an agreement with Piece by Piece Pottery in the amount of $10,000 for the creation of a Sister City Tile Mural.

I did not go to this meeting and will probably have to wait until tomorrow to review the video but for this item to be placed on the agenda is downright disgusting.

We have continued economic blight. Our Streets are in grave disrepair, and the city is voting on spending 10,000.00 for a mural for the sister city? Enough is enough. If this was rubber-stamped by the City Council, there will need to be immediate action taken against the City Council. An immediate injunction will need to be placed.

The City Council and the Board of Supervisors had made comments that this sister city thing is supposed to have been made into a nonprofit organization.

NO Spending of taxpayers dollars for this continued cash cow by the elected. What do you all think? $10,000 of our hard-earned dollars for a Sister City mural? Not me.

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