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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – October 27, 2021

Clearly there is a pattern that is emerging in the United States that
has found its way into Del Norte County and even into the city limits of
Crescent City.  What is it one might ask, and the answer will be found
in the recent broadcast of a letter penned by Karen Harner, lauding
Governor Newsom’s efforts to keep her and 73 others of Crescent City’s
finest residents safe from the City’s elected miscreants.  A letter
really?  It seems that Ms. Harner is the proud owner of a Facebook Group
that agrees with Hair Gel and Dr. Stutz that health and safety
restrictions shouldn’t be relaxed.  Apparently Ms. Harner’s activism
doesn’t extend much beyond her Facebook group or otherwise she would
have been privy to the Public Health Officer’s latest report to the
County’s Board of Supervisors that restrictions are to remain in place
for the foreseeable future.  Maybe none of her 7,000 followers took the
time to clue her in with a post.

As to Harner’s letter, it would appear that 73 others who follow her
Blog also didn’t tune into Tuesday’s Board meeting either. Crescent City
after all is within the borders of Del Norte County, just saying. 
Apparently Ms. Harner is unacquainted with the well know fact that
Sacramento and even our illustrious State representatives pay little
heed to “letters” from insignificant places like “Crescent City”. 
Letters like the one from the City’s Council are more likely to be found
in Sacramento’s black hole with the other letters that don’t bow down to
the State’s narrative.  Ms. Harner, you may rest assured and return to
the “pen” with the County’s Supervisors, you have earned your virtue
signaling stripes.

While it is rather boorish of this article to make light of Ms. Harners
“Great Expectations”, it is interesting to note that Ms. Harner objects
to being placed in the City’s “one size fits all basket”, yet doesn’t
appear at all troubled by the greater state sized basket of one size
fits all mandates.  She no doubt will refer to the tired argument that
every one is expected to place their life on hold and look after her
health a la China’s recent experiences.  Unfortunately, and this is for
Ms. Harner and the 73 other signers, there is no evidence, at least
scientifically, that the restrictions have actually done anything to
mitigate the spread of the virus despite claims to the contrary.  
Similarly there have been no long term studies that confirm that
vaccines are safe and effective.  We will all have to wait on that one.

This article is not meant to dissuade Ms. Harner from her “Karen
waanabe” efforts, far be it for this writer to pour cold water on any
person’s right to be recognized.  It just seems that the conflicts alone
in Ms. Harner virtue signaling is enough to make one pause in actually
following through with posting such questionable word salad.  Seems that
she hasn’t made much of a effort to research and listen before taking
pen to paper.  Vacuum chambers abound on both sides of the aisle.

5 thoughts on “Crescent City’s Own “Karen” Speaks!”
    1. That’s your comment? An interview at a Liberal/Progressive radio station by a victuum with anotherer victuum? Not much to be learned there. She can’t even get her Covid facts right.

    2. Thank you for posting this video. Since I am not on Facebook, I didn’t understand the context of Ms. Harner’s group and the letter she wrote until I watched this.

      It seems to me the proper response would be to organize another group–obviously free from Facebook and social media censorship–and write your own written statements to the governor and any other relevant officials. This group should project the voice of those in the community who value freedom and are angry at the current state of affairs.

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