Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

By Linda Sutter

Michael Riese appeared on behalf of Joseph Aaron Young. As the case was called out by Judge Follett, Juan Ramirez stood up and yelled, “I would like to address the court,” at which time Judge Follett said, “Sit down.”

District Attorney, Trigg, reported to the court that his office received a new computer program that would allow the zip drive belonging to Joey Young to be looked at and investigated. Trigg asked the court for a reset.

Trigg also informed the court that Juan Ramirez turned 18 years old on September 2, and was legally allowed to have sexual relations with defendant Joey Young, and asked that the criminal protective order get lifted.

Judge Follett lifted the criminal protective order as requested and also informed the victim Juan Ramirez, “It is still available if you change your mind.”

2 thoughts on “Criminal Protective Order Lifted Off Of Joey Young”
  1. What a crock of BS if that young boy didn’t just shoot His Lover in the foot and not to mention Mr.Joey Young and his Lovely posts on Facebook “age is just a state of mind” you have taken advantage of a boy for over a year after he just turned 17. Gross I hope the justice system gives you what you fully deserve!

  2. I do not seem to understand.

    A sex crime was alleged to have occurred. A former prosecutor is defending the accused?

    WTF is going on in Del Norte County?

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