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By Donna Westfall – April 12, 2017 –  On September 30, 2016, three board members of the Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association had their first private meeting with City Manager, David Vandermark, and after 10 minutes were ready to  walk.

From accusing the President of the tax association of “snarling” at him to making snide and sexist remarks to the other female member; the conclusion was they wasted valuable time when the purpose was to go over some of the grievances regarding the Wastewater Treatment Facility, the State Revolving Fund loan and the sewer rates.

It’s no surprise that he was fired and congratulations to to the City Council for making a wise decision.

2 thoughts on “Cudo’s to City Council for firing City Manager Vandermark – No Surprise”
  1. Were you in attendance at the meeting? Because I would like to point out the following which is based on a statement released by the City Council.
    “The City Council of the City of Crescent City, by unanimous vote on Tuesday, April 11th relieved City Manager David Van Dermark of his duties effective immediately.”
    That does not necessarily mean that he was fired. He may have requested that his contract be terminated with the city (for whatever reason) and the City Council agreed. – Sources close to me seem to have confirmed this but I can not 100% guarantee the validity of that information.

  2. This is not the only time this has happened. In fact, it happened once before in the city of Winston where he was recently a city manager there:

    Why was he voted in with a bad record from other cities. Is that what we want for our city leaders? Wake the hell up, people!

    Who are we going to get next for city leader, former Sheriff Dean Wilson? Former Deputy Joseph Garcia?

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