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Donald WebbOn December 18, 2014, the Honorable William H. Follett sentenced Donald K. Webb (32) to 9 years in state prison, the maximum allowed by law, following a guilty verdict by a Del Norte County jury last month for a first degree residential burglary. The Del Norte District Attorney’s Office did not make a plea offer on this case as the maximum punishment was sought. Webb was also sentenced for special allegations relating to prior prison commitments, which increased his overall sentence. Webb will have to serve 85% of his time in state prison before being eligible for parole.

Webb committed this first degree residential burglary on the morning of January 8th. Webb and co-defendant Zachariah Dungan, who was sentenced two weeks ago for the same crime, entered the home of Ms. Karen Barkhurst (72) on Lower Lake Road to commit a theft. Ms. Barkhurst was home at that time and armed herself with a handgun. Ms. Barkhurst confronted Webb and Dungan at her bedroom door and chased them out of her home. Ms. Barkhurst then called 911. The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol immediately responded. Webb and Dungan were arrested thereafter at the conclusion of a short vehicle pursuit.

This case was investigated by the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Justice, and the District Attorney Investigations Unit. Deputy District Attorney Todd D. Zocchi handled the case for the prosecution.

4 thoughts on “Cudo’s To Dale Trigg’s District Attorney Office”
  1. We’ll see now won’t we?

    Mr. Trigg, you cannot fool me. Just one of many examples of the lack of justice in Del Norte:

    Excerpt from the local paper:

    “Lehto faced charges in 2010 in connection with the boy’s death, but they were dismissed after several expired under the statute of limitations and as a part of a plea deal offered by then-District Attorney Mike Riese for another defendant in the case.

    Lehto’s altercation with Rios took place about two weeks after a majority of the charges in the Lacy case were ruled to have expired.”

  2. Under the law, he will be out in 4 years, 6 months, with the additional Prop 47 help from the voters, could be doing far less. He can get discharged from parole in probably a year after he is out, as long as he does’t commit any further crimes during that time. Also, on parole, he will be required to move back into the same community he committed his crime in, unless he has family and work elsewhere. Just saying.

    1. This is inaccurate. As stated in the press release, Mr. Webb must serve 85% of his 9 years, not 50%. This case is unaffected by Prop. 47.

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