Thu. May 23rd, 2024


As we count down the days left in Barack Obama’s presidency, there are two personalities to keep our eyes on for the 2016 presidential race:  Pediatric neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, Republican; and former Harvard Law professor, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat from Massachusetts.

Each currently in second place behind Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton respectively.

Dr. Carson, a troubled youth growing up in the inner-city of Detroit, Michigan to a poor family, single mother with a 3rd grade education but wise enough to stress education, eventually finding success.  Rags to riches story is putting it too simplistically. His mother could barely read.  Yet she understood the value of an education and insisted her two sons read two books each week before going outside to play. She also instilled in them an abiding faith in God through Christianity.

Sen. Warren is unafraid to speak to the Department of Justice asking them bluntly why the CEO’s of the 3 largest banks haven’t had any criminal charges filed against them.  If someone steals $100 from a bank, they’re charged with breaking the law.  When the CEO’s of JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup admitted to breaking the law, instead they got a “settlement” of $35 billion dollars from the US Government (our tax dollars) and no one files any criminal charges against them.

Keep your eyes on these two.






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