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By Branden Bieber – April 6, 2024

Unable to finance the home my father built 50 years ago, I’m blessed to be squatting on a piece of
vacant land with a Classic 1970’s Airstream.  So NO, I’m not homeless but compounding circumstances
of divorce and family death, I’m gaining new appreciation for the many creature comforts I previously
took for granted.  It seems all my complaining has brought my discontent into fruition.   

On the other hand, The City of Crescent City has money to store (old bank/new city hall), procure, and
gift ART to our Sister City, Rikuzentakata Japan (do they know they’re poisoning our ocean?) 

What to know about Japan releasing Fukushima water into the ocean : NPR 

Why complain?  Our elected and appointed leaders travel with their families, host guests in their
vacation homes, and feast on the disasters of the past.  Local leadership want’s to provide wraparound
services to the underserved using working family tax dollars. Then local leaders approve private dinners
in the name of economic opportunities for the community.  Perhaps our sister city can help with our
homeless and unemployment crisis impacting our community?  Maybe they have teachers to help with
our school district’s poor academic scores, or the vacant employment emergency.  That is what a
“FAMILY CITY” should do! 

The County of Del Norte approves to spend Tens of Millions of dollars to build pallet homes for the
Homeless, yet they have NO building plans.  Funding for the housing development grant will expire in
the Summer of 2025.  Nothing will likely be accomplished as other government agencies will need to be
relocated to use the approved Williams Drive facilities.  Never entering actionable discussion is Bar-O
Ranch, Juvenile Hall, or Pelican Bay State Prison which currently have showers, kitchens, and bunks empty and unused.
A derelict Crescent City Harbor has turned one of the best harbors on the West Coast into ghost dock’s. 
The Harbor has demonstrated its inability to dredge, inability to build a bathroom, unable to conform to
contractual agreements, unable to provide profitable market prices for crab fisherman, can’t pave a
road, or generate ANY economy other than for themselves. 

Then there is the State and Federal Government which has forced local communities’ leadership into
mandated shackles.  Our local representatives DO NOT represent their constituents!  Our local leaders
are perpetually looking for EMERGENCY’S to declare they need more money.  The extent of their
influence is writing letters in support or opposition, but nothing actionable except more tax funded

Government has Governed too much Government!

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