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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – March 30, 2022

Have no fear, the California Legislature is back in session to protect
us from ourselves.  Actually there may be reason to run for the exits to
the State.  In a line up of legislative blunders, the idiots in
Sacramento are preparing a whole slate of legislative action seeking to
make California the most restrictive, draconian, oppressive, tyrannical,
despotic, and authoritarian State in the Union.  It begins with the most
oppressive of the lot, SB1390 which seeks to “Prohibit any person/entity
from making statements government deems untrue or misleading by any
means including on internet/ads”.  While its target is obviously social
media businesses, in essence making them responsible for content on
their platforms, it clearly indicates that the government is to be the
arbiter of what constitutes “untrue and misleading”.  Harking back to
Medieval times. the “serfs” must not contradict their “masters”.

But the train wreck does not stop there.  SB 871 adds a Covid injection,
for it most certainly is not a “vaccine”, nor does it immunize, to a
lengthy list of immunizations for public/private school attendance
regardless of FDA approval.  The laughably misinformed legislature does
not fully comprehend the minuscule possibility of danger to school aged
children, nor of the remote chance they might transmit the virus to
others.  They further can’t seem to grasp the growing nature of the
science that is plainly stating the danger of serious negative outcomes
from “vaccines” to school aged children far out ways actual infection by
the virus.

Next up on the list of follies, AB 2098 which classifies “anti covid
medical opinion as ,’unprofessional conduct’ subject to discipline by
the medical board”.  And just who would define exactly what “anti covid
medical opinion” is, as no one seems to be very certain how society in
general is responding to the virus.  For every “gold plated ” standard
expressed by “government narrative”, there seems to be a whole host of
information contained in that narrative that has since proven to be
entirely false or untrue.  Just how is it to be determined what is
“covid medical opinion” when even the jury is still out regarding what
is true and what is false?  Let at least only the medical serfs bow down
for this one, as I’m sure most will in light of medical board rebuke.

Then along comes SB 866 which allows children as young as 12 to receive
the covid jab without parental consent or knowledge. Seems like the
legislature is angling to take over parental control from parents as to
begin the “great reset” in the lives of California’s children.  After
all, who needs parents inflicting their children with all kinds of
having a mind of their own when the State can fill that void.  State
education must be salivating at the prospect of filling all those
immature minds with state control dogma.  Independent thinking isn’t for
serfs after all, when the lords of the manor are around to do that for

SB 920 authorizes medical boards to inspect a doctor’s office and
medical records without patient consent.  Soviet style intrusion into
patient/doctor confidentiality by government regulation.   It has always
been the right for patients to limit the access to their medical records
only by their consent.  This bill seeks to eliminate that protection. 
What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?  It is not as if “the
government” is particularly adept at keeping things meant to be private,
private.  In fact there is a long history of government incompetence
when it comes to such matters.  Why would any sane individual want local
and state “medical boards” shuffling through something so personal, and
more importantly why should it be any medical board’s business that
someone may have had an appendectomy when sixteen years old?

And the list goes on with SB 1464 which “requires local law enforcement
to enforce public health guidelines or lose their funding”.  And just
how is that supposed to work?  It is not enough to realize that law
enforcement has enough on their respective plates, but to stand in front
of the local grocery store just to ensure that everyone who enters is
“wearing a mask, or is “vaccinated'”?  Multiply that little charmer to
every business in the community?  How is that even possible?  A visit by
the local sheriff to your house to insure those that are unvaccinated
are truly socially distanced from others in the house?  What could be
more absurd.

This one is a real charmer, SB 1479 which requires schools to create
long term testing plans and report test results to California Department
of Public Health.  Bet parents are going to love that one.  Step up here
sonny and have you hooter swabbed just in case.  But sir, you did that
just an hour ago.  None of your lip kid, it’s for your own good.  Where
is your slave collar by the way?  It is not enough that the school
system has had a devastating effect on school age children over the last
two years, the legislature wishes to continue some of the failed
practices on those least affected by the virus.  Will wonders never cease…

And you thought allowing medical boards to prowl through your medical
records unimpeded was outrageous, just wait until SB 1184 goes into
effect.  This inveigler seeks to allow school health personnel to
disclose children’s health info without parent’s consent to a third
party.  Privacy issue?  Hard to tell just exactly what is going on
here.  Certainly not something that would become gossip around the
lunchroom when that third party’s need to know was unrelated to anything
regarding the child’s heath. “Billy did you hear about Sue?”  “The
school nurse told me she is pregnant.”

Ab 1797 might as well be associated with the old “Ball and Chain”
outlawed years ago for convicted felons, but now the California
Legislature is resurrecting that bit of jewelry by creating an
immunization “tracking system” giving all government agencies access to
vax records of all individuals.   Another “how can anything go wrong or
better yet, be used for anything else so completey nefarious?”  Are you
still with me here?  Anytime the government wants to construct systems
to “track you” it is bound to be abused by that government.  Not only
through incompetence, but malicious intent.  This is a travesty of the
highest order in a free country.

The final bit of crazy  is AB 1993 which requires proof of Covid-19
vaccination for all employees and independent contractors who work in
the state of California.  Something San Diego tried and was found wanting
in the courts, but the headless wonders in the State legislature are if
nothing else but persistent.  You might be wondering just where all this
idiocy has come from, stay with me here.

It seems that between the State’s legislative body and Governor Hair
Gel, Gavin Newsom it was determined that a “legislative working group”
should be formed to “find solutions” for the current effort to still get
it wrong.  This group comprised entirely by Democrats put their heads
together and came up with this train wreck.  The group consists of the
usual brain dead idiots, Scott Wiener, Akilah Weber, Buffy Wicks,
Cecilia Agular-Curry, Evan Low, Josh Newman, and Richard Pan.  Enough
said…  Sounds like a group ripe for recall….

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