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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – March 21, 2022

Former Sheriff Dean Wilson has declared his candidacy for the Del Norte 5th District Board of Supervisors vacancy created by the passing of Supervisor Berkowitz.

Candidate Wilson joins a crowded field of four others for the June 7th election.

Wilson brings an impressive and experienced resume’ to the County Supervisor position:

* Three term Sheriff (2002-14).

* 23 years law enforcement experience on the Crescent City Police Department.* California State University, Sacramento, B.A. in Criminology

* Working directly with Sacramento in developing law enforcement legislation.

* Business owner(Ocean World).

When I asked the Sheriff why he’s running for the BOS, he responded , ” It has always been my intent to run. Sadly, the passing of Bob created an unanticipated opening on the Board and I filed my papers.”

Wilson cites his experience as Sheriff and managing a large Sheriff budget with no shortage of financial challenges as helpful in addressing community/constituent needs and developing important partnerships to accomplish goals.

Wilson acknowledges State and National gov’ts often interfere with good local governance. Wilson hopes to “…get government out of the way”… with local government. The Del Norte native observes significant State interference with our community.


* Revitalize the Del Norte County economy post Covid.

* Waive strict CEQUA (California Environmental Quality Act) requirements to rebuild and seek an alternative route around Last Chance Grade. Candidate Wilson sees many flaws in re-building the existing route. He declares, ” A by-pass is an absolute necessity. “

* Supervisor candidate Wilson emphatically supports unimpeded access to the Forests, Fisheries and Timber interests. for visitor and local alike and underscores the need for access to reduce the all-too common and very destructive wildfires. He continues, ” Del Norte County needs to stand up and tall to the oft-inserting power reach by Federal and State agencies.

Wilson shared some interesting insight on just- recently resigned Sheriff Randy Waltz. Wilson sees a bit of an overreach by the DA which strayed into serious felony charges re: residency and perjury issues. Wilson sees the flaw in the law which should not equate to a felony level. Wilson points put the issue with Randy Waltz could have and should been handled in a much less severe punitive matter.

Wilson shared his thoughts on addressing systemic homelessness. “The State tends to throw more and more money at this growing problem, while failing to address satisfactory solutions.” Wilson did not and would not support a project of the nature of the $2.4 million purchase of the Coastal Inn and Suites between the 101s, WITHOUT Crescent City Support.

Wilson points out Del Norte County and the BOS bypassed the City without consulting or seeking Council approval.”

With elections come change,” says Dean Wilson.” I hope to be a part of that change. “

4 thoughts on “Dean Wilson Enters District 5 Supervisor Race”
  1. Deano should ask for his money back on his BS in criminology degree (unless it was teaching how to perform crime ?) By not investigating or removing the deputies who robbed a local of a 200k$ retirement fund of collectibles with no receipt based on false witness in 2011 : he was complicit in the act. He allowed a team of deputies to act under the color of law. They were coined the Blackhawk gang.

    Is Wilson’s campaign manager named Bob. ? All you people involved know the story….it will never go away. Unfortunately even the now US vice presidents staff ignored calls for “missing” firearms. Do you really want to consider a man who has ruined many lives by his complicit mis management having more power to ruin you ?

  2. Under Wilson, I had two plain clothes officers (Tenius and Rivera) come to home on a drop and knock days after I spoke at public comment about cannabis. Freedom of expression is important and should not be chilled. He stood on the side of a court case (Raich V Gonzalez) and against his cannabis using neighbors, against the 9th and 10th. What he does not know about the law despite his LE experience, is that Raich V Gonzalez now allows congress to vote out any of our bill of rights as it would pertain to commerce, guns are worth money, speech printed is worth money, and now congress can find that the commerce clause is superior to our bill of rights. Free countries should have freedom.

  3. 2014 as I moved to my Crescent City home I asked everyone I met; what happened to this neighborhood? I was frightened by answers that our law enforcement was corrupt. The Pres of Neighborhood Watch asked me to vote for Apperson to end corruption. Let’s not forget the youngest Sheriff in the history of California took Wilson out of office with votes from the people speaking up for change.

    1. And look how that turned out. Apperson managed to skate out of town just before the department he ran into the ground totally collapsed. Nice, that you listened to the “neighborhood” watch president who steered you to the poorest choice you could have made. Erik Apperson was totally unprepared to be the Sheriff and his tenure as Sheriff confirmed that. He was a less than average City police sergeant with no management skills. I bet you that the “neighborhood” watch president didn’t bother to tell you that little tidbit. Maybe you should have extended your knowledge base a little further before voting.

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