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Opinion Piece By Branden Bieber – April 2, 2022

It is time our Board of Supervisors (BOS), and County Administrators act in the best interest of County residence and DEFUND the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  This sector of Government is the fastest growing economic market in Del Norte County.  DHHS is mainly responsible for the failures in local economic opportunities, the health crisis exploitation, and the County personnel and retention problems.

As DHHS and ex-director Heather Snow imposed constitutional infringements on the community, the department seized the opportunity to create “the new Covid economy”, and dramatically increase funding and personnel for DHHS.  Ms. Snow was the third highest paid D.N. County employee when she suddenly resigned.  Dr. Death (Stutz) is climbing the salary ladder and does not even live in the County.  Together, this duo created our local health ordinance that reserved ultimate authority over public officials, law enforcement and a person’s body autonomy.  If these individuals cannot be held responsible for the violations of civil liberties, the department should be. 

The promotion and approval of DHHS programs are more severe than socialism.  The results are more comparable to communism than democracy.

Over the past five months, DHHS has created four new employment positions.  On top of the Administrative salary increases approved by the BOS, they have also increased the pay scale on at least six of its own positions.  Since November, DHHS has been allocated roughly $6,000,000 by the BOS.  The continued support of DHHS is reckless, and jeopardizes the community’s safety.

If you’re free thinking and able to take care of yourself, you should demand the County defund DHHS.

One thought on “Defund DHHS   ”
  1. Former DHHS Director Heather Snow resigned to work for Open Door Community Health Center and take over their “Behavioral Health” Program. Given how well the DHHS’s Behavioral Health” Program ran under her “leadership”, Open Door is getting a real prize.). As DHHS Director, she was on the Board of Directors for Open Door Community Health Centers. I guess that is how she had the connections to get the job. I wonder why she would give up a job that pays $100 thousand + a year and retirement to go to Open Door? MMMMMMMMMMMM(Maybe someone should hold Open Door Community Health Centers accountable).
    The next DHHS Director will have an impact on everyone in Del Norte County, not just those on public assistance. The Board of Supervisors must do a much better job of choosing the next DHHS Director.
    Just more corruption in Del Norte County that no one cares about.

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