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Excerpts By David Kennedy, DDS, MIAOMT – May 6, 2016 – This would be pathetic enough as it stands, but the events of 2016 have made the FDA’s failure to put a stop to this even worse.  This year, they sent yet another letter out about the exact same issue of illegal fluoride tablets addressed in 1975.  The latest letter, dated January 13, 2016, was sent to Kirkman Laboratories in regards to four different types of pediatric fluoride concoctions labeled as aids in the prevention of dental caries.

The FDA’s Warning Letter to Kirkman about these unapproved drug violations is like déjà vu of its 1975 action on Ernziflur.  However, it’s over 40 years later, and in all likelihood, the 2016 letter will have about as much of an effect for children as the 1975 one: Pharmacies will keep selling these tablets of poison, and children will keep having them dumped down their throats for another 40 years…unless we intervene to stop this fiasco.

That’s precisely why I’m going to ask you to help by taking the 2016 FDA Fluoride Warning Letter into your favorite pharmacy.  (Get a copy of this letter by clicking HERE or going to

So, when you go in to speak with your local pharmacist, give them the 2016 FDA Fluoride Warning Letter, and allow them a few moments to read it over before you ask this simple question: “Do you carry any unapproved drugs for sale?” That simple question will strike fear into the heart of every pharmacist because it is against the law to sell unapproved drugs, and they know it.

You might also want to share with the pharmacist that when the letter is examined in detail, it’s clear that there’s a lot of helpful information in there. Yes, it states that fluoride is unapproved, but if you look a little further, it also specifically states that fluoride is adrug. How many years have we had to argue about that?  Some dentists claim it is a nutrient or essential, but only the FDA determines that, and the FDA does not call it a nutrient; they call it a drug.

The letter also states that tablets are an unapproved form of fluoride. This is because fluoride tablets are not of any use: If fluoride works at all to inhibit tooth decay, it’s because it does so topically by making the germs living on the teeth sick so that they cannot produce acid from sugar.  If you swallow it in a pill or tablet, the fluoride bypasses the teeth and goes into the rest of the body, doing nothing whatsoever to address the germs on the teeth.  It could even be said that instead of making the germs on the teeth sick, the ingested fluoride makes the person sick.  In any case, personally, I would prefer to just scrub the germs off the teeth so they cannot hurt me.

Reading a bit further into the letter, the FDA also shares a link to another document about fluoride dosage.  The FDA says that fluoride should not be used before the age of three, and then, only after examination by a licensed professional who can prescribe a fluoride-containing aid to reduce tooth decay. Yet, when you listen to the rhetoric from advocates for water fluoridation (which actually delivers more of the poison than the prohibited tablet), they claim anyone can drink as much fluoridated water as they want, with no harm whatsoever.

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