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By Randal South – November 7, 2023

The reason a new college district needs to be created is because we cannot create Trades Training Center at the College of the Redwoods Del Norte Campus, and the College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees have been non-responsive.

Historically I attempted to create a proper trades training program at the local high school, but the school board, and current high school administrators were non-responsive.  It isn’t much of a school system, and the Superintendent Harris, and the current principal  don’t even require nor review syllabus for any of the classes that are offered.  Similarly disappointing was the College of the Redwoods.  The College of the Redwoods President pacified us for two years, and failed to take action.  Complaints to the board of trustees were not answered. 

Carol Matthews is the chair of the College of the Redwoods, and though she lives locally, she is an advocate for Humboldt county.  It wouldn’t do any good to replace her because she represents one vote, and most of the seats are for, or in Humboldt County.  For this reason we need to create our own college district.

Recently the Community College Board in Sacramento admitted to earmarking $933,000+, but they give these funds to Humboldt county who is the fiscal agent.  Additionally the College Board admitted that they do not audit these funds to insure that Humboldt county properly transfers or spends the funds on Del Norte County’s concerns.

At this point the matter of getting a divorce from College of the Redwoods is a matter for the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors since the county is a proper authority for drafting a proposal to put the Del Norte Campus in its own College District.  Unless a new district is created, Del Norte County can’t even accept private money since Humboldt County is our fiduciary.  The matter has been thoroughly aired by Supervisor Darin Short, chair of the Board of Supervisors, and as you are aware, only the chair can place a matter on the agenda.  It has been more than a month, and this retired prison guard has failed to respond, and sent only one message saying he is too busy.  For this reason I am requesting that people in his own district contact him, and ask him what is his plan.  

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