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Del Norte County and Adaptation to Covid 19

By Angry Old American Copyright March 10th, 2020, All Rights Reserved.

CAUTION: This letter contains offensive language directed toward the WHO, CDC and the Governments of California, Del Norte and Crescent City. Angry Old American is a self-described unrepentant Hater who eschews Political Correctness. By continuing to subject your frail and sensitive eyes and mind to these materials you agree not to hunt down, torture and kill Angry Old American or sue the Publisher.

DANGER! Turn back while you still can.

In December of 2019, a new virus appeared in Wuhan, China; a city roughly the size of New York City in the United States. What set this virus apart from the garden variety flu was it’s exceptional virulence. The new Wuhan Virus was a “Coronavirus” which had been transmitted from animal to human. The human race has no natural antibodies to combat this disease.

Most folks have heard plenty about the “Novel” Coronavirus from the Mainstream Media. Redefining this Mutant Virus as “Novel” was critical to averting public panic. A “Mutant Virus” conjures up visions of people dropping like flies and Zombies roaming the streets. “Novel Coronavirus” is much less intimidating. Such is the magic of equivocation! Even less frightening and ever-so Politically Correct is Covid 19, a name created by the WHO at China’s insistence to mask the location of origin. I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me Covid 19 drops from glowing rainbows above like pretty little cherry blossoms and fills my soul with sparkling happy-happy joy-joy feelings. Covid 19 has the ring of a pharmaceutical trade name in a drug company ad; “Ask your doctor if Covid 19 is right for you.” Almost makes me want to get some.

Excuse me if I do not share the public’s faith and trust in the Mainstream Media or Big Government. The World Health Organization, in the words of the Southern California Religious Prophet Ice T is a “nightmare walking, psychopath talking.” Don’t worry, be happy, take precautions; but personal protective gear like masks, gloves and gowns only work for medical professionals. So, don’t buy protective gear!

Medical professionals don’t have enough equipment? They why don’t they buy them? If we can buy that gear, then certainly the public agencies, hospitals and doctors can do the same! Why dispose of the masks when they can be sanitized and reused? The military treats Battle Dress Uniforms with Nanosilver when laundered because it lessens the chance of infection from soiled clothing entering a wound with bullets and shrapnel. Treat the damn masks with a sanitizer and reuse the things. Consider breaching protocols established by equipment manufacturers and an over-litigious legal system and sanitize all of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for reuse. It is not unheard of for such sacred principals to be broken during an emergency! That way they will have plenty of equipment on hand. Problem solved!

Unfortunately, our Center for Disease Control are following the dictates of the WHO in lockstep. Despite multiple failures to contain the Wuhan Virus, the public still listens to these “Experts.” When we think of the CDC, we envision selfless professionals in astronaut looking airtight hazmat suits fearlessly braving infection from stricken victims in strict medical isolation. The reality is a bit different. On March 2nd, 2020 the CDC released a lady, one of 91 Americans returning from Wuhan China, from quarantine at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. It was not til after her release that her test came back positive for the Coronavirus. After release, the infected woman browsed stores at the North Star Mall and ate at the Mall food court. Oops.

This is not the WHO or CDC’s first rodeo. In addition to AIDS, Ebola and countless other diseases in past decades, there have been many Coronavirus outbreaks in recent years and yet they still do not have a solid plan. SARS-CoV in 2003, MERS-CoV in 2012, 2015 and 2018, and a concurrent outbreak of SARS-CoV2 in 2019-2020 were all Coronaviruses, and it was only by the grace of God that we were spared disaster during each. Neither of these agencies made any tangible preparations for the next pandemic.

As for our local governments of Del Norte and Crescent City, the response will be predictable. They will follow the dictates from their Fuhrer in Sacramento. California has long been a government with a unique blend of big corporation cronyism, lip-service socialism, veiled fascism and white collar organized crime. Del Norte County and Crescent City are no exceptions to this “Novel” Frankengovernment. They have all but completely stamped-out free enterprise and independent business in Del Norte County and replaced it with fast food franchises, massage parlors, pot shops and incompetent government agencies. Congratulations are in order, the Parasite has killed its host and boasted about their great works and accomplishments; thank you very much please. All that remains is for these parasites to kill the rest of us.

The Wuhan Flu, Novel Coronavirus, Covid 19 must be a blessing from from our State Government’s Satanic Majesty. With their typical lack of solid direction and preparedness they will end any free enterprise still clinging to life and remove any “worthless eaters” not in government employ.

I can hear our Government’s response to this letter already. “Angry Old American is a fear mongering, racist, Nazi, sexist, xenophobic, baby seal clubbing hater who should be banned from exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech FOREVER. Make an emergency call to ANTIFA and ActUp. Angry Old American must be located, identified and eliminated!”

In deference to our government’s concerns about fear mongering, I will concede that the affects of this Coronavirus will be slight. During this first bloom of the virus we will probably see less than a few hundred thousand deaths worldwide. With a global population of over seven billion, a few hundred thousand deaths isn’t even a proper haircut, or a complete trim; more a clip of a few wild nose and ear hairs.

The media have mentioned the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed between fifty and a hundred million people. Think for a second… Between fifty and a hundred million people is fifty million souls. That’s a lot of wiggle room!

The first bloom of the Spanish Flu came in 1917 and was hardly noticed. When the 1918 Flu started killing soldiers in training camps, the public health officials got concerned. After all, this flu was killing young and healthy soldiers in their prime of life BEFORE being sent into the killing fields of Europe! Remember that the Pandemic of 1918 happened during World War One. The newspapers were rife with casualty reports in the thousands, tens of thousands; with major battle casualties on both sides numbering over a hundred thousand. Subsequently, a few hundred deaths from disease hardly raised an eyebrow.

If we are lucky, this first bloom of Coronavirus will fade away as warm weather appears, much as it did with the Spanish Flu. However, the highest losses in 1918 and 1919 occurred during the second wave of the Spanish Flu. The virus had mutated to an ever more deadly version and continued to mutate. Toward the end of the second bloom, some variants of the Spanish Flu presented themselves similar to hemorrhagic fever, killing their victims within a day or two of its appearance. Toward the end, there was no problem identifying a carrier of the Spanish Flu variant strain from the Northeast United States because they bled from the mouth, nose, ears and eyes, much like Ebola.

Although medical professionals of the day claimed victory over the Spanish Flu with the mass roll-out of pharmaceutical antibiotics in the early 1920s, it continued to reappear in isolated epidemics as late as 1957.

Mortality records and statistics from the Spanish Flu were complicated and often confused by the First World War. What isn’t taken into account are collateral deaths which occurred as a consequence of the Spanish Flu. The 1918 Flu killed both young and old. This resulted in the loss of huge numbers of trained and experienced doctors and nurses. Those with chronic illnesses unrelated to the flu and serious injury often went untreated for lack of medical staff. Factories in cities whose craftsmen were ravaged by the Spanish Flu closed. Transportation was hampered by a lack of operators. Stricken farmers were either unable to plant, tend or reap crops. Localized famines, mostly in war torn regions, killed many who were spared from the flu.

In recent years, disease researchers removed the body of an Inuit victim of the Spanish Flu from the remote frozen permafrost to identify the virus. Surprisingly, the death was caused by H1N1, the “Avian Flu.”

We hear about the draconian quarantines of big cities and entire prefectures in China. What will the affect of these shut-downs be on the global economy, transportation, shipping and trade? The recent dive of global Stock Markets is an indication of financial fears.

The Baltic Shipping Index which measures global exports and imports nose-dived and flat-lined. Health officials have warned the public not travel on cruise ships, causing an industry with revenues of over $39 Billion a year to slowly sink toward bankruptcy. Airlines are continuing to maintain “Ghost Flights” with no passengers just to hold their government charters. Flybe in Britain was the first airline to throw in the towel and file for bankruptcy because of Covid 19 fears. Flights to China, South Korea and Italy have been entirely suspended by many carriers.

The recent South by Southwest (SXSW) Concert has been canceled along with other venues worldwide. Japan still plans to host the 2020 Olympics; but there may not be many people attending when it opens in July.

Venice already canceled Mardi Gras, and the Vatican is considering cancellation of Easter Services this year. Hard-hit Italy is facing a collapse of its medical system. With one in eleven Covid 19 cases requiring Intensive Care, their ICUs are overflowing. Only those patients with a good chance to survive get a bed. Italian Doctors and Nurses are being called out of retirement and Medical Students are being sent to overburdened hospitals to assist. The Military are on a State of Emergency with the entire population on lock-down.

We’ve already been told that the Novel Coronavirus will result in medication shortages. An estimated 90% of American Medications, both prescription and off-the-shelf, are either manufactured in China or are dependent on chemicals coming from there. We already see what has happened to our access to protective masks and gloves; supply has all but dried up. An N95 protective mask costs a fortune, if one can even be located. Most have been pulled off the market for government agencies. This is not just happening in the United States; but globally. What will happen when critical medications are in short supply also? Will the Military and Government Agencies pull those from circulation also?

Medication shortages in the United States are expected to arrive in late March; however antibiotics are already beginning to disappear. Wall Street is banking on critical medication shortages by late April of this year. Russia and Germany both joined China by halting exports of Personal Protective Equipment and critical medications. India recently announced that it too will restrict export of many medications and even vitamins because they will need them in their own country.

One of the concepts that escapes a majority of folks is “Geometric Progression.” By some estimations, Covid 19 infections appear to be doubling every six days. No problem; if we only have roughly seven hundred cases today, then that’s only fourteen hundred next week, twenty-eight hundred the next week, fifty-six hundred the next, eleven thousand two hundred the next and so on. But wait; aren’t we hearing that the “Experts” didn’t even have enough test kits? The CDC released their own unique test kit that tested for several viruses at the same time. It didn’t work. This set back the testing process by two weeks.

Seems that all countries have been playing a game of “Don’t test, don’t tell.” We really don’t know what the extent of transmission is. Some estimates place the real numbers at ten times the reported number. Seems that our stockpile of medications may run out just as every hospital bed in the country is filled.

Let’s not panic; but listening to the BS from the WHO and CDC won’t help either. President Trump and the American public have done themselves a great disservice by relying on information from these “Experts.” Those in cities sicken by the virus who followed their guidelines at the beginning now find near empty shelves in pharmacies and household cleaning sections of markets. What to do?

Big Pharma along with other critical industries ignored President Trumps request to repatriate their manufacturing operations from China. As many might remember, two years ago the Mainstream Media and Congress fought tooth and nail to support “Open Trade and Open Borders.” We now will pay the price for their unbridled Globalism. Big Pharma stands to make a fortune by betraying the interests of the American People. They can sell their medications for inflated prices until they ramp up domestic production. Yet, what would be their incentive to increase production? They can make a literal killing by killing. Their stocks will go through the roof regardless what they do! I can just see these greedy corporate and government bastards salivating at the prospect of untold wealth. Staying alive is a motivator that can pry the last penny from anyone.

Our President asked for just over $3 billion to COMBAT the virus; and Congress insisted on ab additional $5 billion to STUDY the virus for a cure. In late February of 2020 China vowed to build a disease research facility for the WHO in North Africa. Lo and behold, the facility will be located in Ethiopia, the home country of Dr. Tedros Abhanom Ghebreyesus, a former member of the Palestinian Liberation Front and the head of the WHO. No doubt, most of the $8.3 billion appropriated by Congress will be earmarked for China (the epicenter of the disease), directly and indirectly to the WHO for their new disease research facility, and the Big Pharma firms that abandoned America for cheap slave labor abroad.

What to do? The only time to prepare for a disaster is BEFORE it happens! There is an old phrase about “Closing the barn door after the horse got loose.” This is not a time to be blissfully daydreaming. Sure, we still have TV, and most folks will continue to be intellectually lobotomized and emotionally assuaged and amused til the very end. However, there are a few who are starting to awaken.

Yes, in many locations of America it is already too late for most folks to purchase their own personal protective equipment, off the shelf medications and industrial strength cleaners. Check online sources like Amazon and Walmart and you will find many of these items sold out or rationed. Sorry, you snooze; you lose. Yet, we can still make our own supplies.

Big Government and their unholy alliance with Big Pharma want us to be totally dependent on them to provide for our needs. They are both set to make a fortune from Covid 19; and the public be damned. This doesn’t need to happen, but probably will because the American Public, especially in the People’s Republic of California, have lost all of their innate resourcefulness and sense of independence! We now have several generations of creatures content to live as mooches, deadbeats and slaves; bereft of human dignity and wallowing in a pig-pen of hubris and the delusion of privilege. I cannot call them men or women because they matriculated from a murky cesspool of envy, desire and a psychopathic sense of entitlement.

Hmmm, there aren’t any protective masks? What about making your own? Instructions, material recommendations and patterns can be downloaded off the Internet. A few industrious souls might even start manufacturing them in their garages and selling them from local stores. Sure, they won’t be “government tested and approved;” but what other option is the government giving us?

Can’t find hand sanitizers at the stores? Make your own. No disinfectants? Make your own. Chlorine can be made from salt water. If you own a water-still, then you can make alcohol and distilled vinegar also. Before our local drunks get too excited, a still can make wood alcohol as well as grain alcohol. Distilled water is important for those who can make Colloidal Silver, a disinfectant and antibiotic dating back well over a century. If these items can be made in large batches, the excess can be sold to the public. This is a concept called “Free Enterprise” that is no longer taught in the fool factories we call public “Schools.” Youngsters deprived of a basic education can ask their grandparents what Free Enterprise is and how it works. None of their teachers will have a clue what it means.

To compound the undeclared Pandemic, the globe has seen crop failures for two years running, and now locusts are swarming throughout Africa and Asia. Fires have all but eliminated crops and livestock from Australia. Much of the agricultural land in the American Southeast is submerged today below floods of historic magnitude.

We are blessed in Del Norte County with adequate water and a stable climate for prolific agriculture. Conventional wisdom of this day says “Grow Pot” so we can sell it for big bucks to those on public assistance and fill the government coffers with taxes and fees. Excuse me, had anyone heard of supply and demand? If anybody can grow their own cannabis, why should they buy it from others? If everybody is growing cannabis, then the market gets saturated and it becomes worthless. Might be a better idea to grow food so you and your neighbors don’t starve!

Homeowners can supplement food missing from grocery store shelves by converting their lawns into vegetable gardens. Poultry, rabbits and other small livestock can also be raised. Community garden space can be allotted to apartment dwellers. Concerns of flu transmission while gardening can be quelled by preventive planning. For example, staggering gardening days between even and odd number addresses to create empty buffer zones. Watering and animal care can be done every day, even number addresses in the early morning and odd numbers in the late evening. Independent produce buyers for stores can make weekly rounds from house to house to purchase the excess. During a Pandemic or food emergency, the public should not be restricted in their right to grow their own food.

What to do when medications are short in supply? Might be an idea to research natural cures. Perhaps even adjust personal diet and exercise and WORK toward becoming healthy. This recommendation is not as convenient as pills, but the results are more sustainable.

When I was training as an Army Medic at Fort Sam Houston, it was common practice to improvise. In an adjacent part of the Army Medical Academy, Special Forces Medics were taught Naturopathic Medicine; the use of herbs and treatments frowned upon by the conventional medical establishment. Since the 60s and 70s, Naturopathic Medicine has gained both respectability and popularity. There are alternatives to every medication if one looks close enough.

It is hard to fathom today, but prior to the 1930s there were a huge number of treatments and cures available to Americans. Most of these were eliminated when John D. Rockefeller and other Industrialist interests established a monopolistic Big Pharma stranglehold on American medicine. Many pharmaceutical and patent medicines of the time were derived from chemical byproducts of the oil refining process. It is not hard to link John D. Rockefeller to patent medicine; his father William Avery “Devil Bill” Rockefeller (AKA Dr. William Levinson) was a notorious con artist and traveling snake oil “doctor.”

Pharmaceutical (Allopathic) medicine eventually became a medical monopoly with all other treatments branded as criminal quackery. The American Medical Association, the source of all ethical, moral and efficacy matters, is funded entirely by the Pharmaceutical Industry! Today, it is illegal to challenge the authority of the medical establishment or allude to a curative effect from any alternative treatments. Mentioning an alternative to chemical pills for treatment without recommending a visit to a licensed physician first is a ticket to prison and a stiff fine. So, see you doctor before taking care of yourself with any of the options that I am presenting. I don’t want to go to prison.

Probably the biggest adjunct to restoring health comes from dietary changes. Sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, bleached wheat flour, processed foods, additives and preservatives make up the bulk of the Standard American Diet. Gee, what is the acronym for Standard American Diet? S.A.D.

Exercise can also be a critical adjunct to good health. Qi Gong and stretches helped this Angry Old American restore the function of a paralyzed limb. It did not happen overnight, but with WORK and constant effort the results eventually came.

I dread the thought of psychiatric medications coming in short supply. This is especially true of anti-depressants and the violent mood swings resulting from cold-turkey withdrawal. Better to eliminate the food additives that were the root cause of many of these afflictions. Meditation, prayer and a healthy lifestyle can restore mental health as well as physical health.

Pain medications will also be in short supply. What to do when opiates start to disappear? Most prescription alternatives will be in short supply also. Even aspirin and NSAIDS like Tylenol and Ibuprofen are foreign manufactured and will be hard to come by. Cannabis is now legal in many states to both posses and grow in limited quantities, and CBD is an effective pain reliever without the psychotropic properties of THC. There are instructions on the internet about how to extract your own CBD oil for medical use. Anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric can negate the source of many painful ailments. Alcohol can be used in a pinch, but the after-affects on the liver often do more harm than good. If Aluminum Nitrate were still available, then Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) could be made, but unfortunately it is on the government hit list for bomb making (ANFO). Best to start weaning off hard prescription drugs before being forced to go cold turkey by global shortages. Prepare what improvised pain medications can be made from items available and avoid any recreational use to accentuate their efficacy when they are legitimately needed.

With antibiotics already disappearing, folks might want to research alternatives. Bentonite clay is an excellent topical antibiotic that has a long history of use for infections. Another option is Colloidal Silver, which was the go-to medicine before the 1920s. Others include iodine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and certain molds and fungi. Books are available that cover the medicinal qualities of plants like chamomile which grows in abundance from our local sidewalks.

Learning crafts and processes practiced by our forefathers will pay great dividends. There are plenty of books that teach everything from candle and soap making to extracting charcoal, tar and turpentine from trees. These practices were common knowledge in the 1800s; but have nearly been forgotten. Our elders rotting away in Nursing Homes are a great source of knowledge to be tapped. However, we must remember that they are in the most vulnerable of categories for catching the flu.

Along with shortages and rationing, people are avoiding public places. Are local stores seeing a drop in shoppers because of Coronavirus fears? If the shop doors are not automatic, then have paper towels available for grasping door handles and knobs, and waste-bins for their disposal. Provide homemade masks and gloves for clerks. It isn’t a perfect solution; but it is better than nothing and may allay public fears. Take orders online or by phone and offer a pick-up option out on the street, much like Walmart does. Small shop owners and restaurants can even cut a deal with delivery services to serve elderly and medically compromised patrons who are more susceptible to the ravages of the virus. Sure, this will result in more jobs and perhaps even create a few new industries and businesses. Not exactly what our Marxist government wants to see without adding their own Special Socialist Secret Sauce of over-regulation, fees, inspections, additional taxes and fines. Suck it up Sacramento; California is still in the United States of America and this looming pandemic can lead to a disaster!

If our local businesses cannot find items to ship to their stores, then buy local. Contact vendors at the Farmer’s Market for local fruits and vegetables. Advertise for local manufacturers to supply the store with items in high demand. Build a local supply chain to replace the external chain that is broken. Del Norte County and Crescent City would be wise to become as self sufficient as possible.

If a business fixes things, then pick the items up from the client’s home. Sanitize the item before returning it. Be mindful that failure to take precautions can be lethal to folks over 80 and those with compromised immune systems.

Government regulators, judges and enforcers who have direct contact with the public need to develop a sense of personal courage. Sure, the psychopaths you work for want you to be a cold-blooded, ruthless, prick of an enforcer and levy fines for any slight infraction of their broken legal system. If the law no longer equates to justice; then F— the law! Grow a pair, and become a human-being instead of a by-the-book automaton and groveling political toady. As an adult, you must certainly have learned the difference between right and wrong and developed a modicum of common sense. That is far more than the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals possesses. Do you really want to be like the boot-licks and sycophants that have weaseled their way to the top of your public agency? People will struggle to survive during a crises, and that might even drive them to break California’s myriad laws designed specifically to financially prey on the public. If our Potentates in Sacramento had their way we’d all have a parking meter in every private driveway; we’d have a pay-toilet in every residential bathroom with toilet paper sold by the sheet from a vending machine, along with a State Certification program with licensing and weekly inspections just to take a crap. Winston Churchill once said “A placator is like the man who fed all of his food to a crocodile with the hope that it would eat him last.” In a legitimate emergency, our regulators cannot enforce insanity!

As for our upper level administrators in every agency, I’ve given up hope on you worthless sleazebags. The whole lot of you should be deservedly sacked. That goes for our elected officials as well. The only reason your ilk fly the flag and present yourselves as patriots is to secure your own personal position in the community and power in government. Hardly any of you deadbeats has the least fidelity to the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’ve watched Socialists in this State trounce on the US Constitution for over 32 years while waving the stars and bars singing God Bless America. The People deserve their independence!

Of course, “The People” aren’t off the hook and must take the responsibility for putting these Nimrods in public office in the first place. Admitted, the average Joe and Jane are busy working two or three jobs each just to make ends meet and pay their ever-increasing taxes and fees. Hard working and responsible people have little time to get involved in politics. That leaves the drunks, druggies, whores, hustlers, gamblers, beggars, thieves ne’er-do-wells and miscreants to shoulder the political process. No wonder we are in such a mess!

No need to be concerned? Our local government is ready to meet the challenge? Prove it!

We have all seen the same pattern in Federal State and Local governments repeated time and again. Our leaders exaggerate an emergency through incompetence; people subsequently suffer and often die, but who gives a shit; and then the government gets rewarded after-the-fact with State and Federal mooch money grants. The bonus money is spent on any crony enterprises that slightly resemble the intent of the grant. The leaders are then lauded by the local mainstream media for the great job they did and the Politicians vote themselves a nice big raise.

Here’s some questions, and I’d like to hear practical answers to each. Given the resources they have on hand HERE in Del Norte County, what will they do? Don’t give us any horseshit about mutual assistance and help coming from outside the County. Those other agencies in other Counties and States will have plenty of problems of their own to cope with during a pandemic. What are our leaders prepared to do with what you have right here and right now?

What plans do our leaders have in place when Sutter Coast Hospital has its first case of Covid 19? Are they planning to keep the stricken patients at Sutter Coast and contaminate the entire hospital? Are they aware that people come to Sutter Coast Hospital for reasons other than the flu? Have they considered setting up remote drive thru screening stations and sending possible Covid 19 cases to a dedicated clinic? Have they considered allocating a portion of hospital staff to handle the viral outbreak at a remote location so remaining staff can serve clients with other routine illnesses and injuries? If so, what are the location options? Do they have resources like beds and supplies on hand to accomplish this feat? If not, do they plan to buy, make or steal them?

Where are our leaders going to house persons who came in contact with victims of Covid 19? What precautions are they taking to protect our first responders who will be on the front lines? Will our leaders be keeping some of those human resources in reserve for collateral emergencies like fire season? Where do they plan to find additional personnel when their resources are overwhelmed? Do they plan to call in retired doctors, nurses, medical students, police and firefighters? What will they do with government workers in offices emptied by fears of the spread of Covid 19? Do our leaders have a plan in place to re-task non-essential workers for emergency duties? Have they taken any effort to train non-essential workers for emergency duties? Do they even have a plan in place for viral outbreaks?

Do our wise and sage leaders have any plans in place for shortages of prescription medicines? Do they have a plan to care for medical emergencies arising from persons unable to get their critical medications? Have our government leaders considered meeting with local doctors to discuss the pending medication shortages? Are our leaders simply going to try to scrounge medications for their own fat little faces and political cronies, or are they looking for alternatives to meet the emergency for the long term?

Are our leaders making any plans for an increase in local crime as a result of shortages? Do our leaders plan to focus enforcement on serious criminal activity, or encourage them to be agents of socialist change? Does our local government plan to respect private property rights, or do they plan to socialize and confiscate private property? If so, will they confiscate items from local businesses or go door to door?

Do our leaders have a plan in place to maintain free enterprise and trade to maintain some semblance of social order? Do they plan to shut down free enterprise or force community members into compulsory labor?

Are our leaders ready for supply disruptions to the community? Other than feeding their own fat faces, do they have a plan in place for the residents of your city and county? What plans do they have for supplementing food and critical materials should they come in short supply? Do they have Civil Defense supplies on hand to cope with emergency needs? If seeds for growing food disappear from our local stores, do they have an adequate seed supply on hand so crops can be grown? Do they have plans for local manufacture of critical items, or do they simply plan to steal these items from the community?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Part of leadership is the ability to prioritize. On a scale of one to ten, what priority does our local government assign to Covid 19? How does it compare to our annual 4th of July Fireworks and County Fair?

This Covid 19 outbreak can be a chance to rise above normal banal solutions and display strong and God blessed leadership. Covid 19 can also be a wet-dream for self-serving despotic psychopaths looking for a reason to enhance both their personal wealth and public stature among other opportunistic vultures.

We are just beginning to feel the affects of the new Coronavirus, and if the 1918 Spanish Flu is an example of what’s ahead then we are in deep trouble. Considering our state of preparedness, our local leaders would be wise to build a few extra crematoriums to quickly process a thousand or more souls. Study Auschwitz, those bastards had it down to a science. They can even look at how Wuhan crematoria are disposing of the dead. Either that, or the working stiffs in our community can pony-up to the political stage and move us in a direction of common sense and sanity.

God bless the Republic; what is left of it.

It is time to wake-up!

Respectfully, or maybe not,

Angry Old American

6 thoughts on “Del Norte County and Adaptation to Covid 19”
  1. While Angrys maybe carte of an article had many good valid points I just have one question ? Where are these local massage parlors you mentioned in the first paragraph ? Asking for a friend

  2. Angry old man i know who you are and i applaud you and your voice. to answer your first question what plans do our idiot leaders have in place for first case of cov19 hits SCH….they have no plans…On March 10, 2020 during board of stupidvisors meeting agenda item #11.

    The OES director Kymmie Scott wanted to hire a consultant for updating emergency plans for get this Tsunamis and pandemics. When two of us spoke out regarding the current pandemic cov19 (the only pandemic) what did jay Sarina do? he says well mr. chair this is not about cov19 virus. What the hell? then why would you ask for a consultant for pandemic?

    Secondly, OES director Kymmie Scott, bless her little heart, but why would this county hire someone without any medical experience but who has a handful of certificates to justify her experience?

    Then we have The Del Norte Public Health who advised the public to cancel all sports events, public events etc. but by gosh it is ok for 8 students as well as a principal and one other adult to return from Japan during the peak of this outbreak and without so much as quarantining those students and allowing them to walk freely amongst other students. wow what a concept. Additionally, and as i said before, all events are cancelled but these idiots running the shots tell students to congregate in school…disappointment in leadership is an understatement.

    Two years ago the unified school district stated in open forum at a board of supervisors meeting 50% of population are illiterate…boy was that an understatement…i didn’t know it included our leaders…

    I would like to thank you for writing this article…hit the head on the nail…i have been accused of fearmongering from the 50% of illiterates by posting updates on social media…so i simply block people who don’t want to read what i post…they can grow like a mushroom behind their rose colored glasses that this is a made up virus and no more than a flu…woe to them for not being prepared; my door will be closed to them….

  3. This is a excellent letter to The CrescentCity Times from a Angry Old American very well thought out especially about China and the Drug situation we maybe put in! I myself in the past few weeks have been wondering why the hell our Country ever let ourselves get into this situation? We should have been training Scientists so we could become independent and be able to take care of our own a Population.Another thing we should be doing as food and toilet paper become scarce is to not allow people to purchase huge amounts so some will have to do without! Hopefully we are learning by watching Government Officials on television what is going on in other parts of the Country so we ran understand the situation we all are in!

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