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Opinion Piece By Linda Sutter – June 16, 2021

June 15, 2021 The Office of Alyssia Northrup counted the Fire District Ballots and announced the tax measure did not pass.

The people counting the ballots and the people who were observing the ballots being counted were dismissed and everyone went home. The voice of the people had once again been heard No More Taxes. But a miracle similar to the one where Joe Biden won the election took place almost immediately overnight. The miracle was that a single yes vote was discovered in the no votes. Was this a miracle or was it planned all along?

Remember in October 2020 we had the very same election ballots. When it was discovered that the fire measure never passed, and after the ballot counters had been dismissed, Alyssia Northrup walked in from her office stating, “Oh 15 ballots changed their minds from a no vote to a yes vote.” Even after this office drummed up 15 more votes the Fire District tax measure failed.

If you are wondering if there is election fraud taking place, I’m there with you. I’m there with you to the point that I have authored a complaint that will be submitted to the Secretary of State asking for a complete investigation for election fraud.

But as always don’t take my word for this sudden miracle. You can attend the “Special” Fire Board Meeting tomorrow at 4 p.m. via Zoom by logging into www.cfpd.crescentcity.org or call in at 253-215-8782

Meeting I.D. 874-5803-4224

Password 991215

Topic of Discussion will be regarding whether or not they will pay for a recount.

Public participation is encouraged.

  1. If there is a “special meeting” on Zoom by the CFPD TOMORROW at 4:00 pm, what happened to the 72 hour rule for public meetings?

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