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Today I could not believe my ears in Court Room Number 2 run by the Honorable Chris Doehle. The case was the People of California verses Susan White. Remember Ms. White was arrested for “animal abuse” earlier this year, and the public has been led to believe the worst of the worst in regards to this case; however, what the public does not know is the fact that Ms. White’s civil rights were violated from the moment an inexperienced Magistrate Judge, Honorable Doehle, signed a search warrant without probable cause.

How does that happen? Well according to the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution you cannot authorize a search warrant based on reasonable suspicion. Which in this particular case happened. But what was really disturbing is what occurred in the court room today.

Ms. White had filed a complaint against Acting District Attorney Katie Micks for acts that could be construed as unethical conduct, accepting money from Ms. White as a loan; similar conduct that transpired between John Alexander and some of his professional peers, which were part of the reasons he was disbarred from practicing law. In the interest of justice the interim District Attorney should have notified the Attorney General’s office that there has been a complaint filed against her, and to prevent any possibility of impropriety, recused herself. But that didn’t happen.

What happened is completely mind boggling.  The Honorable Judge Doehle told Ms. White, who is the defendant, that she needed to serve the Attorney General’s office so they could prosecute her. Now I don’t claim to be the sharpest butter knife in the kitchen drawer but umm, let me see if I get this right. The District Attorney has filed a charge against Susan White. The burden of Proof is on the District Attorney because we are all innocent until proven guilty and we have the right to remain silent. There is alleged impropriety acts of misconduct in the district attorney’s office by Katie Micks. Based on these facts alone, the district attorney should notify the Attorney General’s office to conduct the hearing against Ms. White.  Instead, the Judge told Susan White, the defendant, that she needs to serve the Attorney General’s office so they can prosecute her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This is absolutely laughable. The lack of knowledge that this appointed Judge  demonstrates is an atrocity, an embarrassment, and certainly not in the interest of justice. To finish it off Judge Doehle reminded Ms. White she would be held to the same standard as an attorney because she is representing herself. So by gosh, Ms. White better get on the horn, write to the Attorney General’s office, or “serve” them notice that they need to come up here and prosecute her because according to Judge Doehle it is Susan White’s job to see to it that she gets prosecuted in a timely manner. Now that is Justice.

I guess when it comes right down to it, Honorable  Doehle has a point. We could save the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars if all the criminals just served the district attorney’s office with paper work so they could all get prosecuted in a timely fashion.

  1. I hired Chris Doehle to handle some personal matters for me. She was courteous and very professional and handled the matter with out leaving any confusion in my mind, and was honest in every aspect of my issue. I think people get emotional and start researching law and have no real knowledge of what the constitution says, they get on a high horse and come across like they are experts after google searching a topic, they think they have more knowledge than the professionals do. I would recommend Chris as a reliable choice to handle legal matters

    1. Just the facts: I reversed Judge Doehle in the First District Court of Appeals. Nunn v. Fenswick, Case No. A139583. When the appellate court reversed with directions, Judge Doehle declined to abide by the appellate court directions and repeated the same legal error. In my opinion this is contempt of court in my opinion. A judge from Santa Clara County was assigned and also reversed Judge Doehle. The Santa Clara judge followed the law and awarded me full recovery in the case.

      Judge Doehle also ruled that attorneys who lie to the court are protected by the First Amendment. This corrupt ruling contradicts mountains of law governing that a licensed attorney may do jail time for misleading a court of law. Judge Doehle then fined me over $2,500 for addressing the falsehoods made by the opposing attorney. The opposing attorney never denied his statements to the court was false. Turned out Doehle and the lying attorney both practiced law in Humboldt County in the same time period.

      Judge Doehle also did other unlawful acts to obstruct my constitutionally protected rights.

      I understand Doehle is a good attorney and I know she’s very good in family law. But she made blatantly corrupt decisions when she was an assigned judge.

    2. From very high praise I have heard from those who have used her, I would also highly recommend Chris Doehle both as a family law counselor, and as counsel in a court of law. The criticism expressed here by Linda Sutter sounds like just another tritely banal jab at anyone who doesn’t march to her cacophonous drum beat.

      1. I have recently personally recommended Chris Doehle in family law cases. She’s good at what she’s good at and I agree with OCC on that. But she was far from good as a judge and I have the proof in the form of court records.

        I don’t happen to have any personal knowledge or opinion on the particular case Sutter references. However, regarding Linda Sutter’s ‘legal’ opinion, I nearly always disagree with Sutter and have found Sutter usually has an ulterior motive for her positions.

        Being a great family law attorney does not necessarily make for a good judge. In my opinion, the assigned Judge Doehle proved that point, in my opinion. If you want to search court records to see proof of what I say, reply back and I’ll give the case numbers.

  2. Dear people, Crescent City has taken a toll on my life. First to have the sheriffs dept & I believe a former DA take my fathers guns out of the property room. Is this not stealing? Let’s remember that Wilson never protected our homes or us. He was to busy campaigning for what? I lost my home, lost my loving dogs, had a heart attack.
    This is one thing we have to look forward to an honest JUDGE McElfresh!! Apperson will be honest too! This final thought Crescent City took my things but the one thing it didn’t take is my pride.
    Good Bye CRESCENT CITY CORRUPTION! The Book comes out soon!

  3. Very typical of this judge . She is ignorant about the law and clearly lacks common sense. Moreover her elitism has no place in a courtroom, least of all one in a city beset by povert and other issues she cannot begin to fathom from the entitled perch she has propped herself upon. Fortunately, her arrogant reign of stupidity has been voted out and McElfrish, a more adept and compassionate human being will replace her at the end of the year. I warn the publicto avoid hiring her as an attorney and pray they do not put her back in the Family Law center where she and her secretary were snooty and useless.

  4. I was not present at the court proceeding referenced in Ms. Sutter’s article, however, I believe what the Judge was telling Susan White to do was to serve her motion to recuse the District Attorney on the Attorney General’s Office. Pursuant to Penal Code section 1424, a defendant must serve a recusal motion and supporting documents on the Attorney General’s Office no less than 10 days before the scheduled hearing. Without notice of the hearing given to the Attorney General’s Office and its response, the court is not in a position to proceed on the merits of the allegations supporting the request for recusal. It seems that Judge Doehle was graciously giving Ms. White another opportunity to have her motion heard on the merits as opposed to summarily denying it due to Ms. White’s failure to meet the procedural requirements specified in the recusal statute.

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