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Opinion Piece by Linda Suter – April 21, 2022

Corruption doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Today in the mail the Republican Party endorsed three people who are running for Board of Supervisors. Chris Howard in District 3, Patty Adams for District 4, and David Jones for District 5.

The Chair of the Republican Central Committee (RCC) is Karen Sanders. Let’s discuss her corruptive ways first. Ms. Sanders was on the Rural Human Services board when Scott Feller had sexually harassed the Director of the Harrington house. What did Ms. Sanders do when that came out? She swept it under the rug. Why? Because Scott Feller is a Republican.

Ms. Sanders refused to acknowledge the corruption of the $25 million dollar school bond. Instead of actually looking into the matter she and Angela Greenough did EVERYTHING to cover up the corruption and malfeasance of the expenditures of public money for schools. With that in mind would you take their word as gospel for endorsements?

In other scenarios Ms. Sanders is constantly lying to her own GOP members and who backs her up? Angela Greenough who sits on the School Board. Recently, during a RCC meeting where David Jones was attending, Ms. Sanders told three people to wait until the issue of repealing measure R came up on the agenda before they spoke. When it was time to talk about Measure R, Ms. Sanders would not allow anyone to speak on it and the rest of her followers were sheeple, they did not realize that she had controlled the entire scenario.

David Jones who is vying for District 5 Supervisor had as his first statement to the public that was he voted against measure R. However, after the RCC meeting in February and in order to get endorsed by the GOP, he changed his tune to match Angela Greenough and Karen Sanders agenda. It should be noted that David Jones currently sits on the Citizens Oversight Committee for Measure R where he is responsible to ensure that the Measure R money is properly spent. Much to our surprise Mr. Jones didn’t bother reading the Measure R initiative which properly stated that no Measure R money would be utilized on wages, benefits and salaries. Mr. Jones is completely unaware of the $54 million dollars that the county cannot afford to pay for pensions. In fact, those who work for the county today are paying for the current pensions. Would you vote for a person who either can’t read or doesn’t understand what he reads but is required to read documents daily? Yeah, I wouldn’t.

Chris Howard is vying for Supervisor of 3rd District. Chris Howard and Darrin Short are looking to finance a “BOND” to pay for the $54 million pension liability. Are you paying attention yet folks? Finance a bond for the pension. That means taxing your property. Chris Howard also wants you the taxpayer to pay for $237,000 for the Tri-Agency where several businesses went bankrupt and did not pay back their loans. Do you think we should pay for those loans? Chris Howard and Darrin Short believe we should. They are quiet about this right now due to election season. If Chris Howard gets re-elected, taxpayers will be woefully in debt by millions of dollars. Chris Howard used $40,000 of taxpayers funds to place measure R on the ballot. Now Chris Howard is angry because his own constituents are repealing the tax. Chris Howard used his position to obtain plane tickets to Japan through the Del Norte County discount for his entire family, how many of you can afford to go to Sacramento much less Japan? Chris Howard continues to make underhanded dealings within our county, and this is condoned by Karen Sanders. Is this what we want for leadership?

Patty Adams is vying for District 4 Supervisor. She is endorsed by Karen Sanders and the RCC Patty Adams refuses to be interviewed by anyone. Patty Adams is a realtor. We already had a female realtor for District 2 named Lori Cowan, look where that got us. Ms. Adams has never been to a meeting, but wants to govern our County? She has not demonstrated one iota that she understands any of the complexities facing our County. She is endorsed by a Corrupt GOP leader, Karen Sanders. Thankfully there are two others to chose from. Until this local GOP replaces Karen Sanders who represents the epitome of corruption, who she endorses is much like her and will not represent Del Norte County with the residents best interest in mind.

In essence, ignore the placard you got in the mail, it is about as worthless as the paper that it is written on.

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