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By Linda Sutter – February 28, 2017 –

Tuesday, February 28th, Board of Supervisors meeting leadership skills were clearly lacking. Agenda Item 23 was to discuss sending a letter of opposition to the Governor regarding Senate Bill – SB 54. Obviously every Liberal in Del Norte County was able to attend this highly charged conversation because all the Republicans were at work.

People actually got up and told stories of how children are having nightmares because they overhear their parents or the kids at school talking about how the police are going to come and raid their homes and get deported. Are you kidding me? Who tells children such hogwash. And then of course now the Social Services will need more money to send all those poor children to the psychologist, let’s hope Dr. Tod Roy doesn’t return.

Then Sheriff Apperson and former Sherriff, Dean Wilson made it perfectly clear that if this opposition is not successful our county safety will be at stake. “The people voted on nonviolent crimes which I consider egregious,” said Apperson. Human Trafficking would be considered a nonviolent crime.  In fact here are a list of nonviolent crimes:

Assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer

Battery with serious bodily injury

Solicitation to commit murder

Inflicting Corporal injury on a child

First degree Burglary

Raping an unconscious person

Human trafficking involving a minor

Participation in a street gang

Exploding a destructive device with the intent to cause injury (bombs)

Sheriff Apperson stated that no one has been turned into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from Del Norte County in several years.  In fact, the only way a person would be reported to ICE is if that person was arrested for a crime and the County would notice ICE before releasing this person back into the public. ICE ultimately makes the determination on whether or not they decide to pick up the individual and deport them.

Supervisor Gitlin during the board’s discussion made a very good point. We took oaths to uphold the United States Constitution which involves the Federal Government laws. Federal laws supersedes state laws and based on that we need to send our letter of opposition.

However, when it was taken to a  vote. Chris Howard demonstrated his lack of leadership quality as did Lori Cowan and Gerry Hemmingson . Chris Howard voted NO, Lori Cowan voted NO and Gerry Hemmingson abstained from voting.  Our county is in crisis. Lori Cowan asked County Counsel, Elizabeth Cable, what her thoughts of SB54 were to which Elizabeth Cable stated, “ I didn’t conduct an analysis.”

By indecision of our county leaders, Federal funding for our local law enforcement to effectively do their job would be affected. Hence, big trouble here in little China. So, now fine people of Del Norte County, if the Republicans want their voice to be heard, they will need to take a day off from work to show support to our law enforcement and encourage a NO vote on SB 54.


  1. it’s obvious isn’t it…apparently Howard and Hemmingsen are already vying for votes…for 2018….keep in mind Howard was virtually hand picked by Mike Sullivan and no challenge when he was “elected”….Hemingsen, however, needs to grow a set of balls…..he is not paid $70,000 per year to “ABSTAIN” from voting…bullcrap

  2. Linda Sutter, you hit the nail right on the head. Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution calls for the United States to protect its citizens against invasion. Indeed, I took an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, as did we all and it didn’t give me the option to pick and choose which laws I would or would not support. I do not support mass deportatiion on both economic and moral grounds. No one is talking about separating families. These are ” fake news” issues designed to gin up false emotion and frighten people. Sanctuary State is unable to separate dangerous criminals with those who go quietly about their business. Regrettably, some members of the Board are unable to adhere to their Oaths. Sadly, Chairman Howard marginalizing the voice of Del Norte County by saying any Board decision we make won’t make a difference in Sacramento was outrageous. Of course, the voters of Del Norte County count. To minimize our voice shows bereft leadership. Correction: NO LEADERSHIP.

  3. Looks like it is time to start looking for Supervisors in Districts 3 and 4 that are more representative of the people in those areas. If by some chance that those supervisors who voted No or abstained think that the show put on by the local liberals in the BOS chambers today was any reflection of the thinking in this County they are very foolish people. Supervisors Howard, Hemmingsen and Cowan are now on record as opposing any option to fix Last Chance Grade, if we are extremely fortunate, before 2031, quite possibly 2039 or even never. They are also on record for supporting what amounts to a Sanctuary State which will create serious problems for local law enforcement and will likely lead to the termination of substantial amounts of Federal funding for defying Federal Law, as well as breaching the tenants of our United States Constitution.

    If the vote by these three supervisors represents some sort of political maneuvering or a resort to personal bias or dislike, they should be ashamed. This kind of behavior is beneath common decency and displays a child like immaturity that has no place in the mind set of an elected official…….

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